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Smithing Brawlers confusion.


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According to the Guide on tif it says that Smithing Brawlers give Exp per Item made and not per Bar. It also says that i can make 434 ITEMS per pair of gloves. So does this mean i can make 434 Mithril Helms even though they use 2 Bars to make meaning i will get 100 x 4 exp?



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Brawlers go by use. Mining go by a certain number of ore, mage by a certain number of casts, FM by a certain number of logs burned. I believe it is indeed the number of items made, not the number of bars used. Making platebodies is the best way therefore. Someone please correct me, as I may be wrong.

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Nope, making platebodies are the best use for them. Make the best platebody you can at your level. So either make mith platebodies, or get your level up so you can. And using the SC Hamemrs isn't a bad idea either. Sure it uses the brawlers up faster, but you still get the same exp out of them. And i don't see a problem with that.

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It doesn't matter. No matter what armor/weapon you make, you get the same xp per 1 bar of the same metal. So it doesn't matter if the xp for every bar is double or the xp for every item is doubled, you still get the same xp in the end.




And also, since the gloves degrade by TIME, not by ACTIONS, it really makes no difference.

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