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Duradel. Anyone over level 100 w/ 50+ slayer should go to him.

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I'd suggest Summona or Duradel. If you find these to be too hard, then consider switching to Chaeldar. You might also have a preference of the types of tasks you enjoy. Check out the Slayer Guide and see which masters give the assignments that you prefer.




Have fun. ::'




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I go to Vannaka cos I can just rip through the tasks and dont use any food ... unless I get those damn killerwatts :x




I think the exp is the same (although I cant be botherd to work it out) you might get less exp per monster but cos your going through them so quick I think you might get the same per hour. Dont quote me on that though ;)



IM GOING TO LIVE FOREVER .......... or die trying

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