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Monkey Talisman


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Monkey Talismans aren't the same as gree-grees. Monkey talismans can be bought if you still have your gree-gree from the Monkey Madness quest, so if you "lost" your talisman when making your first gree-gree and still have the gree-gree you made, you can buy talismans from a store on the island.




If you lost the first gree-gree that you made, then you'll have to go about making them in the same way you made your first one (from the quest). I would recommend (of course) trying to make all three at the same time, but if you cannot, make one, then go get the bones you need for the others and make them later.




Tip.It has a guide on the greegrees themselves: http://tip.it/runescape/?page=greegree_guide.htm

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You can get the talisman's from the baby/kid monkey for free like in the monkey madness quest.




I think its the talisman's anyway. :?




When you tell it you lost it's toy it cries for about a minute then when you talk to it again it gives it to you.



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