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Void Knight Armour + Equipment


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Ok don't crucify me, I looked everywhere but didn't find a clear answer to what i'm looking for.




Right now I have 70 range and I'm planning on using range for a long time.


Now here's the thing, I see tons and tons of people wearing void Knight armor, but I can not figure out why.


I mean Black d'hide has like Range Atk boosts while Void armor has 0 ranged atk boost.




Finally, what is the best armor + weapon for me?


I have 2,6mill at my disposal, can get more if needed (don't exagerate, 5m+ would be exagerating).




Right now i'm using Black D'hide, Archer Helmet, Rune C'bow + Broad arrows, Ava's accumulator.




~Thanks for helping :)

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