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Signature help!!


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Both previous replies were incomplete.




What you need to do:




1. Press the print screen, go to paint and save the screenshot/picture on your computer.


2. Upload it on a site like http://imageshack.us/


3. Select the direct link to the image given by the site you uploaded it on and press Ctrl + C.


4. Go to the User Control Panel, edit profile, edit signature.


5. Copy the direct link to your image (do that using Ctrl+v or by simply pasting).


6. Select the copied link, Click "IMG".




After clicking IMG you should see this color].




7. Click submit. :thumbsup:





angel2w.gif Tip.It Website Crew Leader


I love it how Jafje comes outa nowhere and answers my questions

Hehe now we know what real life does...drugs, drugs, more drugs. Thank god we are addicted to something that won't kill us.


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