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Mournings End 2


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I am at the 5th part, and It says for me to rotate the fixed mirror to shine the blue light on the door to collect the last couple mirrors and 2nd crystal. The problem is where is the fixed mirror, when examine the pillar, it says there is nothing inside...... HELP!!!

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Are you sure you are standing in the most south-eastern room on the middle floor?


If you are having troubles try regaining all of your mirrors and just try again.


I had a problem because of a crystal that wasn't in its place but I checked a few steps back to see how I put it there then. After that it worked. I think it was at the same step you are.


Just stay calm, try again and read the guide.


You can do it.


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I think I just screwed myself, I got to the end and the altar, the guy gave me the list of 50 things and I tele'd out. I didnt move the red beam. Do I have to reset and do this last door all over again? I hope not, but what choice do I have, this quest took like 5 hours.

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