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Issues with Last.fm


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So I signed up for Last.fm because I found a Firefox plugin that'll play my library in the browser. I can't add any more artists to my Library though. Is there a way to get back to the 'list artists here' box, since it won't add artists when I click the 'Add to Library' button? I'm using Firefox 3.5 (although I don't have the Adobe Flash plugin, but it's not telling me I need it) and am running Windows 2000 with a restricted account (although I can install addons without admin permissions)




EDIT: I'm pretty sure it's the adobe flash plugin that's needed, your thoughts?




EDIT: got adobe flash, still doesn't work.

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Edit: I'm [developmentally delayed]ed.


You mean your library on Last.fm or on the plugin on the browser?


If you mean your artist list on Last.Fm just listen to them and they will show up, no idea if you mean the other or something else.




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What add-on is it? Also check the add-on page and the bugs forums to see if others have been reporting the issue.


Yeah, I'm wondering what the add-on is.




Because in any other circumstance on last.fm, you can't just manually add artists to your library - artists get added to your library when you listen to music through last.fm radio or listen to individual tracks on the site, as well as when you import your iTunes/Winamp etc plays when downloading the last.fm client.


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I guess I didn't explain it very well. I can't get it to play in the browser or add artists. The plugin is called Fire.fm, and so far I can't get it to work either... But I haven't read how to use it. So for the moment the issue is just Last.fm in the browser.

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