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Entry to Bandos Throne Room!!


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Just wondering what is the bare minimum in terms of quests to get into bandos throne room...


up until earlier i didnt think there was a requirement but now im not sure!




whats the bare minimum quests i can complete or start to get into the bandos throne room ( i have no desire to use the bandos agility course )




i just want to get into the throne room for training (not agi training)


just combat training




plz help me ! thx :))

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id idnt realize that you could fightin there but you need to do the Chosen Commander quest to get in there




and as far as i know you cannot fight the things in there after the quest....but i have been known to be wrong in the past




as well as the other cave goblin quests b4 it






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Since no one has said the skills I'll just list them, Theres are the maximum skills to do the quest and all the quests leading to it.


[Chosen Commander, The]




46 Agility


46 Strength


46 Theiving


30 Prayer


36 Fishing


37 Herblore


33 Magic


16 Firemaking


12 Crafting


At least 80 Combat






[Land of the Goblins]


[Fishing Contest]


[Another Slice of H.A.M]


[Dig Site]


[Death to the Dorgeshuun]


[The Giant Dwarf]


[The Dig Site]


[The Lost Tribe]




All of those.... Have fun! :twss:


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