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  1. dungeoneering can also help long term by purchasing things like charming imp and bonecrusher, makes slayer much quicker and easier
  2. I'm sorry but what does "DPS" mean? lol... damage per second, barrows should be mainly avoided nowadays really
  3. I'm sure he's always in the legends guild? I could be wrong though
  4. don't worry, if you report him 18k times he may be banned before 200m xp, probs not though
  5. don't get me wrong, i do elites because I enjoy them, money wise, even if you could do them 15 minutes each time and you got 3a dye every 10k clues it's terrible money, if you got extremely lucky and got one every 3k clues at 1.8b it'd still be terrible money. At the same time the next one you do could be 3a, but it's not really worth it in general (for sake of gp, liking them is a different thing entirely)
  6. you get like double the xp for building the right castle, duke or something is lumby, wizard is wizard tower, ozan is dom tower and the ge guy/woman (cant remember, think its sally) is the ge, on your pic you can see ozan stood next to the foreman
  7. I'm sorry, but what are "action bars"? And once again, thank you for the wonderful tips! BTW, I think I already have a Slayer Helmet...will need to check my Bank, lol. right now its the thing above your chat box, you can put abilies/spells/prayers/items/potions/foods etc in there so you can click the bar or press the relevant number to activate it. it makes combat on eoc much easier, you have 6 you can go between to set up for different activities like dropping fish when powerfishing or w/e, personally anything like that i just stick on a bar i'm already using and switch it temporarily. Mainly theyre used for different combat styles, as i dont really boss i have 1 for each combat style, 1 for clues, 1 for dung and havent used the 6th. some better pvp people should be able to help you with decent bars then tweak as to whats good for you. again, posting on the help board will probably get you somebody you can help, or asking in the forums fc. abilities have been examined for best setups but i've personally never checked it to sort mine out, too lazy! i'm tired so this isn't the greatest written reply! hopefully it makes sense.
  8. i'm not old school but i've always hoped that something like this would be implemented in game, i'd like to think in eoc at least it would get a lot more people to at least try pvp. if pvp is popular in old school i can see them worrying about pvp gear prices if you can use them for free but i'm sure they could work something out
  9. might wanna get some action bars too! i believe you can share others but no idea how, they make combat and skilling much easier. at the beach you're probably best off building the sandcastles, range xp comes easy these days, you can use icecreams to cap there 3 times a day, also joining a clan will give you access to capping in their citadel which can be pretty decent xp in a range of skills
  10. lmfao seasonal hs dramaaaaa how can somebody be dumb enough to report an account sharer, when they're an account sharer?! op getting banned for same thing :unsure:
  11. dunno where to post this but lol https://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/3csd54/tldr_rip_first_place_seasonal/csyn8h8
  12. Thank You, it's good to be back! I'm 3 levels from my 2nd Slayer goal of 85 and I have full Guthan's and a Abby Whip...what do you suggest for gear and Slayer helmet? And what is this "Elf City" you speak of? Slayer Helm is this http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Full_slayer_helmet it's like black mask but for all styles with built in slayer masks that need for certain tasks, you can also upgrade for better defence and to infuse things like slayer rings to get more teleports built into it, couldnt live without it nowadays! http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Prifddinas this is elf city, best slayer master, slayer weekly minigame as well as lots of easier way to train other skills, grand exchange at the home teleport there for easy bank/ge. Personally i'm not a fan of melee these days for slayer, but i do have high tier gear, in general for slaying god wars dungeon sets are good and very cheap for what they are. There is higher gear to move up to but they do degrade, they also increase your kills speeds though so in lots of situations they are worth it If you're having a go at EOC combat then as long as you are using abilities you wont use up runes/arrows etc which has made them a lot better, coupled with less moving and generally easier attacks that hit multiple enemies. http://forum.tip.it/topic/328662-back-after-over-10-years-phew-help-me-get-used-to-rs-again-please/ There are some threads like the above that can give you bits of ideas, feel free to write up a thread in help and advice with your specific questions to help you get on, also, as saru said above, you can join the forums fc and people will usually give advice and be quite friendly. A lot of it will go against how you used to play the game, but in general most things are easier and faster if you follow their advice :)
  13. welcome back to the totally new world of rs! your goals would have been made much easier now, especially slayer, though need to get yourself some decent start up gear and a proper slayer helmet unlocked. unlocking elf city will make slayer even easier but you need quite a few levels for that yet! hopefully you can enjoy the game as much this time around :)
  14. the same invention that was the second of 2 skills to come out in 2013?
  15. the problem is, unless its much better xp than afk training or it's at least 2m+ gp per hour, plenty of people would just ignore it anyway i wonder what percent of time the average, none maxed, scaper spends doing things that they find fun rather doing what they don't enjoy to eventually get a cape
  16. which if you're after gp is useless compared to combat
  17. i'm surprised how cheap they made the quick teleports, i think what i bought them yesterday for was about 625gp per teleport, much cheaper than many tabs. Do they work in combat or still need to be out?
  18. Coincidence. I've had clues where I've re-rolled a double clue into nothing D: ahhh cheers! just making sure im not wasting my re-rolls!
  19. since springcleaner added masses of runite ores to the ge, dropping the level for runite ore mining wouldnt be anywhere near as big a change as that, except it can give some lower levels a bit of cash. unless youre a skiller or f2p is there any point in mining it in the first place?
  20. well i guess that's that, thanks guys :) so long as people don't have these pets as well as me then it's all good!
  21. ahhh if they knew it happens, why put it on and available early :/ hype?
  22. as your such an avid cluer, with re-rolls, if you start with say 2 tt items, does the re-roll then give 2 other tt items? i got 3 junk ones last week and re-rolled for another 3 junk ones, coincidence or standard?
  23. Hi all, little confused. if people leave in high offers for unreleased, yet on the ge, items, does the value increase? ie: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Jellyfish_pet_token keep thinking it's out due to prices raising but also read that it's not released, cheers
  24. a few glitched, not sure how many, gonna have to change world for next spawn still glitched, managed to get 4 kills/drop in with hopping luckily
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