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I can't find Ned at Port Sarim


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After i talk to ned in draynor he tells me to meet him at the port but i have looked all over the port and he is not there.I have done the quest a long time ago but i need to know if there is a way to get back to crandor isle without using ned?




Thanks in advance :mrgreen:

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Hes at the docks. Walk east from the fishing store if I remember rightly.


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Ned is in Draynor first, you talk to him, then when he says he'll meet you at the boat, he moves to the southern landings of Port Sarim. He's in one of two places and that's all.

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You finished the quest right?




If you have, he's just standing in his house, still pawning off rope. He's near the Draynor bank and will have the green achievement diary near the building if you've done the diary (Or there might be one even if you haven't done the diary, I'm not sure)




If you haven't finished the quest, the way to get to Crandor is by going into the Karamja volcano. From the entrance, go North, past the spiders, and then push the wall. Keep going north and you'll see a rope near some skeletons. Bang, you're on Crandor ::'

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A way to get back to Crandor, since you can't take another boat, is go down into the Karamja Volcano. You know those Red Spiders? North of them is a wall you can use to be put near Elvarg's Lair. Open the wall, keep going north, and climb up the rope. You'll theb be on Crandor.

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Thanks guys that is what i needed to know,i finished that quest years ago but every time i ask him to take me back he just wouldn't be there.




Thanks again for the info and this can be closed. :thumbsup:

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