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99 Magic vrs 99 Range- The Afterlife


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Well, I was going for a goal of 99 Magic. Then I started thinking about the uses after 99 Magic. There really isn't anything, other than Magic Defense. I could get 99 range for only 34mil, and that has uses to make money back, such as GWD. I'm basically asking a simple question. At my level, what are the pro's/cons of 99 Magic/99 Range. Currently 92 Magic and 83 Range. I WILL get 94 Magic, even if I go for 99 Range.




99 Magic


Pros- A lot of charms, HP xp, Barrage, Vengence and Spellbook Swap.




Cons- No way to make money back using Magic. Fairly useless after 96.




99 Range


Pros- A lot of HP xp, higher range hits, easy to make money back afterwards, get great GWD stats, faster xp/hr, cheaper than 99 magic AND you get faster xp.




Cons- No Charms, not really any benefits other than higher hits+afterlife.












Basically, what should I get, and are these the pros/cons I should be looking at?



what i'm doing now:


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if you plan getting magic up to 99 and getting charms for summoning, then it'll make chance for the pro's and con's of 99 magic, and of a very high lvl summoning. i imagne a unicorn or pack yak can help you in infinity places, and if you won't do it by mage, reaching those will take you way longer.




about range being cheaper than mage, true, but with mage you'll profit overall more lvls by the process (mage&hp&summoning while with range only range&hp).




both mage&range have higher def and more accurate (and range more damage) in 99, it's just range style is way more common these days in runescape. personally i would recommend you get 99 range fast, gain the money back and then use it on mage :P




Good Luck. :)

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I would get 99 range by chinning nechs.


Its about as fast as mage, 3/4 the charms, and a lot cheaper.


But imo none of those really have any uses cuz melee owns range at evefyrthing besides arma which sucks imo, and mage def isn't that signifigant.

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I get the same problem with you, as I will be 99def within 2 weeks.




My plan?


I am thinking of make them both to 90, or maybe 94 for magic. Not both 99.




For me, it seems that exp from 92 to 99 is around half the total exp you need for a 99. Plus that even if you have 99 range/magic, the other guy will put protection prayer on the 99 skill you got. So better have them balanced so your victim wont be sure which prayer is best for him.




I guess raise your range a bit then decide what to do next afterwards.

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Id get both up while doing slayer. Maybe alternate styles between tasks. On say metal dragons and your on you range alternate use mage. You would get slayer up and get loads of charms while getting exponential range/mage xp. Id not get 99 in one and leave the other alone. And who dosent want slayer xp?

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i may be a little bias but range is great for most combat , whether gwd certain bosses or just aviansies, but i'm in the process of buying 94 mage myself for the def purposes and that's about it, although most unlocked spells would look nice, i'm not sure where you can really make fast money with mage, dk's maybe?

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You really want 88 Summoning if you plan on making your cash back via GWD. You could go arma with a fruit bat but that means shorter trips and it's really annoying. If you have the cash, get 88 summoning and a good Magic level and then level ranging.


2146 overall - 136 combat - 6 skillcapes


Plus I think the whole teenage girl thing will end soon (hopefully), because my girlfriend is absolutely in love with him(she is 18), and im beginning to feel threatened by his [Justin Bieber] dashing looks.

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