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113 f2p/122 p2p searching.

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Hi. Try out CR. We're mainly Warring clan. But we have plenty of skillers ~ Including weekly skilling competitions! That's right, WEEKLY.




You'll like it, if you give it a chance.




Recruitment Post...







A Proud Crimson Raider.

A Proud Council of CR.

A Proud TWR Rep' of CR.


Want a war against Crimson Raiders for TWR? PM me Or Frenchfry147.

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IRC Channel - #Blasphemy




Website | Forums | Videos | Gallery | Memberlist




Basic Needs Before Applying:


    [*:wh9hgylf]You must visit forums every day, or rarely once every two days.
    [*:wh9hgylf]You must be willing to listen and learn
    [*:wh9hgylf]You must show you have time for Blasphemy, and thats activeness in events.
    [*:wh9hgylf]You must have a heart to create passion and loyalty for Blasphemy
    [*:wh9hgylf]You must be someone that has patience when needed.




The members of Blasphemy would like to believe that Blasphemy is a clan like none other. We have a brave and resisting history and now we want to take clanning one step further. The main aspects such as community, organization and activity are something which every clan needs to have. But with Blasphemy, we like to take things to another level. Try out new things, different types of events, completely new tactics which are completely experimental, train members up to have confidence and know what they have to do, understand the real life duties people have and still try and sort out active times for them. Another important thing is to be real, and thats what Blasphemy is. A lot of clans out there have power-hungry, immature, flaming people that when they dont get what they want they feel the urge to create havoc. Blasphemy is far from that, although recruiting becomes slow, we make sure you have what it takes to represent up to our level, combat is nothing compared to personality, charisma and intelligence. You read this and think wow, but honestly I wouldnt false advertise something which isnt true. Blasphemy has changed a lot, were now a clan built on perfection not power.






To Join Blasphemy You Must Have Specific Character Attributes. You Must Be:




102+ Combat Level






Blasphemy is a clan that has heart and a passion to make an unforgettable mark. Our community enables the first step to our goals, were a clan that has great respect for one another. In Blasphemy, we really do feel like a family, thats why we dont just let anyone in whether their level 126 or not, we like to know how their personality is like as corruption is in the past for us.




Like mentioned, were built strongly on organization, thats organization on and off the wildy. In the wildy, you see like nearly every clan doing the same thing, the same tactics, I mean they do it but its never that perfect and for us just too repetitive. Runescape can be incredibly exciting if you have awesome imagination, charisma and the willingness of hearts to try out the different plans and tactics in the wildy. For example, controlled split piles, something which no clan has mastered, and is still something which Blasphemy is engaging to bring practice within it. We make sure that every man/woman in the wildy is well aware of what they have to do, and that their confident and ready.






Now, most clans are built and revolve around having events, otherwise what's the point in clans? Blasphemy has a range of events, and our highest priority within them is to make them work and be successful. We want people to cherish the experience they have, and in the end, enjoy themselves.

    [*:wh9hgylf]F2P - We do a variety of F2P events, as Blasphemy is a F2P based clan. Clan Wars is really fun, especially knowing that you can run into any clan, knowing the popularity that it has with clans.
    [*:wh9hgylf]P2P - We also like to do P2P events such as Fight Pits, GodWars, Castle Wars, KBD etc.
    [*:wh9hgylf]Wars - This is the heart of Blasphemy's system. We train to war, to defeat other clans who set upon us a challenge. We have huge aims, and to earn what's yours, you must be willing to fight.
    [*:wh9hgylf]Fun Events - We have plentiful of these, Achievement Parties, Skill Events, Unique Events and many more. Aims of Fun Events are to do something different for a change, at the same time to hopefully rep up Blasphemy by showing happiness within ourselves.

We try to do official events as much as we can, but in realness we have at least one unofficial event EVERY day. This usually happens in our IRC channel, where clans might declare an instant 30 min prep mini. This shows our family is 24/7, and we like to keep in touch whenever we play runescape.






The aims of Blasphemy are always high and ambitious in an observer's eye, but to us it's something that we all cherish to complete. Things like making Blasphemy the most unique clan amongst all, don't know how we'll do it but one day if fate goes our way, we will be the first. Another aim is to create a brotherhood community, as mentioned above, but we want to keep this and make it stronger and more efficient to survive in the future. Final aim I'll mention is that Blasphemy does one day want to reach the top, and eventually be known and referred to as, positive, courageous and always existent.picturesvideoscopyul4.png
























Leader - Makaaveli


Reqruiter Captain - Living Rival


Council - 19wrestler90




Website | Forums | Videos | Gallery | Memberlist

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Member List || Triforce Forums || Future ML(93+cmb)




Welcome to Triforce's recruitment topic. This topic will be kept as up-to-date as possible to give an accurate description of our clan. Thank you for taking your time to read this topic.






An Introduction to Triforce




Since opening in August 2007 Triforce has made it's presence felt in the warring community. Despite being an active warring/pking clan we are well known for our fun and laid back community, always having a great time in our irc channel and on Ventrilo. Our goals are to be the best we can be and to have fun! Triforce is more than a clan, we are a family.














All New Members applying must be 105 combat or over, once they have completed the New Member process they will need to achieve 108+ combat to become a full Triforce member.


As we are now venturing into PvP all applicants will be required to have a minimum of 5 rune sets in their bank at all times.


We also require members to have Ventrilo and IRC access.






We have also introduced a Juniors system, anyone combat level 93+ is able to join the Juniors where you will be heavily involved with all members of Triforce. Juniors will do events, full out wars, pk with the main Triforce, but once we have a nice amount they will be fighting clans on their level without the help of the main clan. Once Juniors reach 105 combat they will be added to the main memberlist and become a Triforce full member.












Leader: Roaminggal2


High Council:Kestnut,Pker_535


Advisors: Tigerqueen31, Nice one 100, Phoenixfan32


Mentors: Gothicchic25


Timezone: EST/GMT


Website: http://www.triforceclan.com <-- Must see.


Forums: http://www.triforceclan.com/forum/


Memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=triforce


Full Memeberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=trifull


Irc Server: SwiftIRC


Irc Channel: #Triforce


Home World: World 29 (f2p), World 104 (p2p)


Team-cape: Team-43










What We Do




Warring - During the week Triforce has numerous short-prep fun wars in either Clan Wars Arena or on a PvP world. Being an EST/GMT clan wars will usually occur between 4.00-6.30pm EST / 9.00-11.30pm GMT.


On the weekends we have our prep'd wars. These are always Mandatory Full Out wars where everyone is expected to show up and participate. These could either be RAW wars, PKRI's or just full out wars against other clans.




Events - Our events are almost always held during the week. There's always a variety in our events to keep everyone interested, we also add events such as Godwars and barrows to keep the cash flow coming. Our events are always about having fun, these are another way to bond as a clan, we are always on Ventrilo having a good time during them.










Some Pictures of Triforce in action:




























Some Videos of Triforce in action:


Triforce -vs- wilderness guardians matched opts PVP



Triforce -vs- masters of dragons uncapped pkri PVP



Triforce -vs- TDM cwa pkri





You will only get out of this clan what you put in. Do your best to be active and always be courteous and respectful to your fellow clan mates!!




Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or concerns.

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Hello, Trwf is 6 years old clan, mainly GMT based . We are looking for active members with interest of warring,Pvp events and also fun events. All informations about us are here, if you are intrested feel free to join clan with great community inside:












You can find our memberlist here: Trwf ML




Our website: Website

The Titans Guest

Leader of Czecho-Slovak Forces and member for nearly 5 years

Ex-Trwf member for nearly 4 years



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If you pass up this offer and decide not to join, please PM Dbzruler72 with the reason why. This will help him learn what players want in general.




If the picture does not load completely, try refreshing the page.[hide=Cannot see the picture? Click here.]





Quick Links


-Apply to Join-








You will not be reading mindless propaganda. This recruitment thread exists to educate you with the facts. You won't be told lies, & you won't be given shallow phrases such as "We're a great, respected clan."




Quick Facts


-PKing Based (Honor)-


-Founded October 25, 2002-


-Nearly six years of leadership, PKing, & community-






-Click Here to Join-




Skill Total: 1000


Combat level: 100


Prayer level: 43


Defence level: 70


Htpoints level: 82




Positive attitude.


Only main accounts are accepted.


Capable of supplying own uniforms for PKing.




If you are at least level 85, you may join as a Future Applicant.








-Two to three scheduled events a week-




Up to date as of Friday, October 3, 2008


-Full out wars


-Mini wars


-Clan war run-ins


-PK Trips


-Monster Hunting (LootShare) (Cockroaches, Revenants)






-Drop parties


-Fire fests


-Fist of Guthix


-PK Drills






Suggested Timezones


GMT-9 YST: Yukon Time


GMT-8 PST: Pacific Time


GMT-7 MST: Mountain Time


GMT-6 CST: Central Time


GMT-5 EST: Eastern Time


GMT-4 AST: Atlantic Time








GMT+0 GMT: Greenwich Mean Time


GMT+1 CET: Central European Time


GMT+2 EET: Eastern European Time





















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hello i am ioioio of bloodshed empire, we are a very active clan for events during the week.


we also have 65 very active member wich are very nice to each another! we would love to have you has are newest member! you would see how lovely we are to each another + we are special, we got cookies ::'












please feel free to stop by in our irc wich is very populated! #bse


and our clan chat wich there are lots of people on it too! clan bse




we are all waiting to see you!




btw join now and get a cookie

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Hey nick! Everlasting souls is a clan i recently made. We are a pretty small group of members, but we are hoping to grow. Maybe join?








Recruitment Topic (God, im tired of people spamming up the forums by post their recruitment topic over and over)




Please consider :)




BTW, Join now and you get TWO cookies o.O

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Looking for a great clan?


Want to be a part of a great community?


In search of some fellow lovers of the game of Runescape to skill and explore with?


Look no further - you have just found us!




We believe we are the friendliest Runescape clan community out there.


Our aim is to ensure you have fun in a safe clan environment where we will help you to achieve what all Runescape players want - a better, more skillful character.


We have regular events, easy to follow rules & a considerably more democratic system of leadership than most clans.


See your total level fly by using the wisdom & experience of our awesome clan members.


"Onwards & Upwards"



About us:


Tkoe is first and foremost a large group of friends.


We were created to have fun and kick a little butt in the online world at the same time.


What makes us different from other clans is the strength of our members and our value system.


We do not tolerate rude or disruptive conduct, as we believe it detracts from the fun involved in gaming.


As a new member of Tkoe you will be expected to follow our rules and respect other clan members and players.







What we ask of you


Be active on forums and make at least 7 posts per week.


Attend at least 6 clan event per month.


You can only be a member of one clan - we do not allow multi-clanning.


(We view GUILDS as a clan.)


Our entry requirements are combat 95 or total level 1000 in f2p/1300 in p2p




Please do not sign up if you are not going to be active on forums and clan events.




To join the clan you need to register on the TKOE forums.


After registering you will need to log on to the forums,


complete a copy of the application form and post it in the Application forum.


An administrator will validate your account and approve or decline your application.


To gain full TKOE membership you must be active on the forums and at events.








Our ranks


TKOE Regent, TKOE Duke/TKOE Duchess,TKOE Count/TKOE Countess


TKOE Viscount/ TKOE Viscountess, TKOE Baron/TKOE Baroness


TKOE Knight/TKOE Dame, Squire, Initiates






Our events




We have one or two events every day including Pest Control, Kalphite Queen, Barrows Runs, King Black Dragon Trips,


Obsidian Farming, Dagganoth Blasts, Mole Hunting, Fight Pits, Agility Training, Waterbirth Island Trips,


Blast Furnace, Barbarian Assault, Mole Hunt, Temple Build, Godwars dungeon trips taking down all the bosses.


Clan wars for fun and the more serious ones defending clan honour, Ice trolls massacre, Revenant hunting,


woodcutting, fishing and mining events at various locations, Castle wars blast and many more.




Our aim is to explore all what the game has to offer and leave no stone unturned.








Our structure


The clan is run by the 2 Presidents, the Vice President and the High Council.




Presidents: Moogester & Ged Deschain


Vice Presidents: Python_90nl, Ladycharlie


Forum and Website Administrators:


Ged Deschain, Joel 19891, Mortimer1616, Moogester


Python_90nl, Ladycharlie




High Councillors:


Ashmac112002, Dmnklr3, Fast993, Greerere, Harrietcat, Itsmeprank3, Natureboyz, The Kniggit, Tailenols, The7goonies






Agok, Lordstuart2







We hope all this has left you doubtless in your choice of clan - click the link below to join now




Register or visit our forums now:








Visit our new website:









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"So why should I choose this clan?", I hear you ask Nicky. Well, our members are very friendly and fun to be around with, this makes our fantastic community. Our community is awesome and well known for the family-like atmosphere. We respect each of our members as we see the person, not the number. Our interaction is based on IRC, Ventrillo and our boards, and of course on our in-game activity. MoD is a clan that focus' both on warring and community aspects of our clan, you will find that most clans swarm their events with warring and leaving out anything related to fun events, however MoD does not follow this trend. Our weekly events will include upto 2-3 wars with about 5-6 fun events, fun events set in our main timezone and fun events set in specific timezones. These fun events include skilling events like fishing comps and runecrafting runs, but also of course things like castle wars, fight pits and all the other minigames. We do our best to cater for everyone, being a clan that's over 4 years old, going from 300+ option pulls in the old wilderness, regular 120 - 150 option pulls throughout the CWA era, hitting a slump since, but managing to climb out of it due to our clanning experience, there aren't many choices of clans that can offer what we can.



Why not check us out here is some info where you can find out more:


Recruitment Topic


Recruitment Video




So that's about it, Nicky, good luck with whatever you decide to do, and whichever clan you decide to go to. If you have any questions or queries you can either PM me on RSC, on our forums where I'm under the name Quickdraw9 or in our IRC channel, #clanmod, on the SwiftIRC server, where my name is [|Dan|]. Hopefully we'll see you soon mate :-)





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To see our full recruitment topic please go to < http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=173&t=804359&p=6898837#p6898837 >





Official Forums | Community Memberslist | Warring Memberslist



We look forward to meeting you!

Please feel free to drop by our IRC channel (#redbladehunters) and chat. You can also check out our boards at http://www.redbladehunters.com .



123ogo :thumbsup:

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try downfall we are 100+ clan soon to be 105+, we had 75+ members, and we pull 40-50 ppl per war. we are currently rank #1 in tipit war rankings, and we have many wars per week, plus many event per week like are df tounaments and our combaT CUP. so join downfall you wont be dissappointed.



forums: http://www.rsdownfall[LikelyScam]


IRC: #downfall

http://rs-downfall.com Join the Community, if you're already in a clan register and become a clan friend!

Downfall Since September 6, 2008

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☼The Wilderness Guardians☼


Hey Nicky I thought I'd give you a little info about my clan, WG:


What we have to offer like other clans




* P2P Pking - We are out several times weekly, with pk trips always being successful.

* F2P Pking - We have 1 F2P pk trip each week for the Aussie members

* Warring/PKRIs - We have a war or a PKRI usually every two weeks, but occasionally weekly.

* Requirements - We keep our requirements at 100+ F2P to keep standards high with our members.

* Excellent Community - The WildGuard community is one of the best in the clan world, and you can ask many people that will agree.

*Money-making - We have support in many money-making events, from GWD, just plain skilling events, and even EP-gaining!

*Active Teamspeak and IRC - Our Teamspeak server can hold up to 1,000 members in it, and our IRC channel is always filled with people chatting about anything you can think of.




What sets us apart from other clans




*5.5 Years - WildGuard is one of the longest standing clans in the clan world, and still going strong under the same leadership.

*Positive Reputation - WildGuard is one of the most well known clans, and we're always asked for wars/pkris.

*Clan Website - Our website is probably the best clan website in the entire clan world, with the largest set of photo archives in the clan world.

*Forums - Our forums are one of the most secure forums in the clan world with our forum technician, Robbiethe1st.

*Leadership - The Wilderness Guardians have always been under the same leadership of His Lordship since it was founded, making him one of the longest serving clan world leaders.

*Event Variety - We have events like no other clan has, with probably the most events of any clan in the clan world.

*Event Frequency - We have an event almost every other day, ensuring that people will always find something to do with WG.

*Clan Anniversary - Our Clan Anniversary is one of the most well known in the world, stretching over 7 days with 20 events, and millions in cash/item prizes.

*Anti-extended PKRIs - We have a policy on not having PKRIs that last longer than three hours because we believe our members abilities rely on skill, not returning sets.

*Mentor System - We have a system where our Trial Guardians are paired up with our veteran members to help learn their way around WG.

*Non-RS Games - WildGuard plays a wide variety of games not RS related, from iSketch, Cannons, and many other games.

*Easy Application System - WildGuard has a system that instantly puts a member into a clan, no future applicants.

*World Timezones - All timezones are covered in events, so no specific timezone suffers.

*Allied Events - WildGuard has many events with our allies, ensuring a strong, reliable relationship continues with our allied clans.


Website: www.wildernessguardians.com

Forums: www.wildernessguardians.com/forum

IRC: #wg_lobby for guests, #wg for full members

Requirements: 100+ F2P Combat


Good Luck wherever you go for! :)


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hello ,

a little something about angel fire we are a mature skilling clan, your combat lvl is not impotant we are a small group of members that are interested in making runescape fun and we are gonna try to do this right so if you are mature and want to join a new clan come on down...we maybe small,but, we will grow and prosper....as a clan we are not gonna put you on a trail membership either you join as member or you don't,you don't have to jump thru hoops with us......go in peace and bless you!!!

so come on down and pull up a chair and enjoy the company!!!!




liaison king auggie he goes between clan as my greeter and helps with clan alliances

event manager xcare_bearx

admin gwendalyne

nochtus recruiting manger





we are p2p central time zone

we require you to be mature is all

we will help you to get levels




future things we are gonna do

clan wars

castle wars

pest control

and other things as soon as we get them together


world 36 is clan world

team irc channel #angelfire

clan chat angelfire_cc

web site http://s1.zetaboards...ngelfire/index/

rs forums Quick find code: 93-94-314-59678315




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Forums | Memberlist



Thank you for your interest in Vengeful Soldiers! We are an up-and-coming 90+ clan with experienced leadership and friendly members. VS was created by Helder 21 on the October 11th.

Vengeful Soldiers plans to be around for a long time, so come join a legend in the making. New members are not neglected like in other clans. VS treats its new members with respect and there will be no doubt that he/she will make many friends. Join Vengeful Soldiers today!




Important Information

Here is everything you need to know about Vengeful Soldiers. This includes our chat channels, war record, home worlds, etc:


Clan Chat Channel

Vengefuls Cc


IRC Channel



War Record



Home Worlds

F2P: 40 | P2P: 133


Clan Team Cape

Team Cape 6


Game Type

F2P and P2P








Our requirements are 90+ Combat OR 85+ Mage or Range with 70+ Defence. We also would like you to attend 3 events a month and post on the forums at least 3 times a week.





VS prides itself on making events that are fun and unique. We hold at minimum, 3 events a week. Our events are both F2P and P2P so every player has choice. Some of the events we hold are:


Clan Wars

Castle Wars

Fire Fests

Pk Trips

KBD Trips

Duel Tournaments


Cabbage Bombing

GodWars Dungeon

And much, much more.






To be added.





So what are you waiting for? An awesome clan is waiting for you, so scroll back up to the top of the topic and click the forum button. On behalf of the Leader below, we hope to see you join soon and thank you for reading our recruitment topic.



Helder 21










Event Coordinators




Recruitment Officer



Member of the Month



PS: If you need any help, just add Any of the Leaders/Council ingame, and they will give you further assistance.


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hey buddy how are you doing. I'm here representing the knights reflection clan which has over 60 members and is very friendly clan. We specialize in pking, clan wars, and castlewars/soulwars. We love competition and our requirement to get into our clan is 85+ combat which i can see you will have no hard time getting into it. Our average level of our members is 107 and we are very friendly clan :). My online name is rick cavens and i hope you go and put in an app, check us out, because overlooking us could be a huge missed opportunity for you.


Our website is www.knightsreflection[LikelyScam]


we are really looking forward to hearing from you in our forums

thanks for taking the time to read this,


rick cavens

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