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Achievement Diary Questions


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For the hard task on the Karamja achievement diaries, "become the champion of the fight pits," do I have to be on an official world? Or is it possible to find a random person, and just do a 1 vs 1 and win?




Also, for the Seer's achievement diary, I need 80 fletching, and 76 fishing. Would yew longbows, and monkfish be the best to get these levels? I'm going to get 77 fletching, because I could pot up, and 71 fishing so I could use an admiral pie. I already used a chef's delight (m) for cooking the sharks, and I believe maple logs would be best to get 75 firemaking. But what do you recommend for fletching/fishing?

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You can do it on any world, any way. A friend for 1v1 works well. Fishing monks is the best way for the fishing, yes. If you get bored of monks, lobsters and swordfish/tuna is a fun method, too. As far as fletching goes I would assume yew longs work the best. Good luck!


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