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Tip.it Stealing Creation Guide errors

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[hide=Done!]1: Introduction: Grammar: "In the wilderness, just south of the Bounty Hunter Crater, strange phenomena has been occurring." --- 'has' should be changed to 'have.'




2: Introduction: "At the end of the twenty minutes which constitutes a full game, whichever team has the most points wins." --- The game also ends if all sources of Sacred Clay have been exhausted, at which point if there is more than one minute left, the timer drops to 1 minute giving time for people to deposit any remaining clay they have.




3: Sacred Clay: "At first, without any tools, all you can do is gather clay from Level One Clay Fragments. " --- Any class of clay can be obtained without tools, player level allowing, it usually just takes longer to get higher level clay without a tool.




4: Sacred Clay: Spelling: "...(a safe area, which contains a table for dropping off clay or items, a mystic who can show you the amounts and types of clay available, and tables which store any items you team may have dropped off)..." --- "you team may have dropped off" should be "your team may have dropped off"




5: Sacred Clay: "The resources are tied to the skills - a swarm resource requires the use of a butterfly net and is tied to your hunting level, a pool requires a harpoon and the fishing skill, a tree requires a hatchet and woodcutting, and finally mining requires the mining skill and a pickaxe. Not all of these may be present in a game; they appear randomly, so having balanced skill levels is an aid." --- 'requires' should be 'uses'




6: Sacred Clay Equipment: Spelling/Grammar: "Weapon costs 26 Points" should be "Weapons cost 26 points"[/hide]




Done. ~SerpentEye

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Thank you so much for your submission! ::'




The spelling/grammar errors have been taken care of.




I clarified all other issues concerning what constitues the end of a game, as well as the fact that harvesting clay doesn't require a tool to be used.




These changes should appear on the site shortly.




We appreciate your help in providing the most accurate (and accurately spelled!) information as possible! :D








- SerpentEye




Crew Note: I'm keeping this topic unlocked for now, as the second post reguarding the Combat Guide/Excalibur hasn't been looked into quite yet.


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enhanced excalibur special in combat guide has been updated. thanks!


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