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  1. [spoiler=Look who I found!] Oh wait ... Anyway yes teaks have been around since 2005
  2. Tutorial Island made people learn something. Now everything is just overdirected and micromanaged nonsense. Diving into the unknown is a much more educational adventure than never wandering off the beaten path.
  3. Revamping Non-Combat skills: Great article! It's a wonder they didn't implement multi-skill stuff much before. There are the few exceptions like fishing sharks barehanded and whatnot, but the agility into combat, and the whole idea in general are quite intriguing. DYK: That's interesting. Makes sense though. Why shouldn't you be able to eat burnt stuff?
  4. SOF: Great article by Ts Stormrage! Somehow manages to make doom and gloom humorous. Basically, more-recent-than-not history says to be skeptical ... :| NRS: Change *can* be good. But! I am skeptical. See above. If only they could let people use the new system AND the old system ... Action bars and whatnot are already so many places... Good or bad? Don't know.. Plus: Can you imagine what it would be like to have balanced melee? That would be really exciting to see people actively wielding maces and daggers and short swords and warhammers and halberds! If they do rebalance things so that every piece somehow outranks everything else, wow! I never even thought of this part of the update! Wouldn't it be neat if the best strategy to boss or duel was to take in all the melee weapons since you weren't sure what might happen? So much variety and potential! Amazing! Great that you brought this up! HD: Good article. Good thing about it is that you don't have to do them if you don't want to. If you do, great! If you don't, don't! Options! I really do agree they get a bit distracting! more related articles: http://open.tip.it/times/view/459-do-you-mind-being-distracted http://www.tip.it/runescape/?times=204
  5. Why should it be cheaper and less clicky? If you don't like to click.... don't train skills that require clicking? :| [semi-related random side thought] What if there were modes to Runescape, like when you start other games: easy, normal, hard..? Hard having lower xp rates, fewer resources, more clicking, and separate highscores? Which worlds would be more populated? Probably the easy ones. But the front page of the hard highscores would be much more interesting I think. In theory they could do this with RSC, but since RSC is "on display" in a locked filing cabinet in the sub-basement of the website anyway, people wouldn't really notice. But if the highscores were say, 3 columns front and center of the main page: easy, normal, hard... More people might branch off into the "hard" game... ---------------------------- The signature heroes thing would only have been good if they had been implemented from the beginning. The characters with any real character are the ones with strong personalities that show up in interesting, long, quest story lines. If the original lore had something about these characters, they might fit in. The problem is that they just tried to shove them in randomly, rather than just integrating them in. ---------------------------- DYK: I am not sure if this is true or not, but I read that you can go over 10 spins if you use a double spin ticket. Is this true (or relevant?)
  6. How hard can it be: This is hilarious. I love it. Particularly "This results in the same amount of people actually playing Soul Wars as you would need to fill a suit." Most of it makes inherent sense really. - And put the Clan Wars portals in, oh I don't know, the Clan Camp? I don't get the comment about the cubicles though. Gameplay Immersion / New Lands: What new lands says is right on. What I think they could really really expand on is the concept of Jennica's Ring. There should be hidden stuff out there that you can only access if you accidentally do the right thing. Like using Jennica's ring in a sequence of particular spots. No map would be amazing! Perhaps even a dynamic map with depleteable resources that only came around once every month or so. But no one would know where they were, or what they might even be good for. Sort of a mix of the elemental workshop quests really. You get thrown into a place with a bunch of weird stuff and no directions. Just a lot of possibilities. Sort of like the beginning of Myst. If they made something that was so hard to make a comprehensive guide for, we'd of course make one up anyway, but it would be great! Eastern Workshop it could be called... no specific laid out goals.. just a lot of different complex stories..
  7. Brilliant ideas here so far... I'd really spend it all on food over a long period of time while backpacking around the world. If it was a billion dollars... Or I had to spend the million on something ridiculous: I would start off by getting a fast tye-dye car of some sort and then drive down a busy street throwing money into the air just to watch people have a go at it. Then I would rent out all the empty space in the Sears Tower and invite a whole ton of people to play a massive game of multi-floor capture the flag (The first two not feasible for the million probably). Then I would get another car where instead of metal, all the body was made of clear fiberglass or something transparent so it would look awesome. Then I'd travel ... Plus I wouldn't really change the way I eat, I'd just eat more! Anyone else changing their diets because of their newfound riches?
  8. KOC: There just needs to be incentive to traditionally RC... If there was something like an achievement diary task with a good reward that required people to manually craft a lot of runes of each/any/some type(s) of runes from scratch, then people would be out there crafting runes. Until then, unless there is some update that requires millions of runes to be created, people won't do it the old way. Really though, this sort of already happened with say, the mind altar. What good reason did anyone have to go to the mind altar more than once even before Runespan?
  9. I have no respect for someone who announces stuff like this who uses incorrect grammar, spelling, and fluffed statistics.
  10. Something is missing: Alright enough with the "not going to bet" last lines... Nothing wrong with a bit of fixer-uppery to existing content though... Though it was sort of a good point, I didn't notice the lack of major updates lately.. No new areas have been released in a long time in particular Also: Those aren't guest editorials, they're fiction pieces...
  11. Bah. I wonder if this "job" has any decision making power. No doubt whoever is the superior of this position will force them to do more SoF style things or be fired. It seems like it would be a semi-powerless position to me. If it isn't, though, and someone who doesn't have an anti-community mindset (SoF) got it.. interesting ...
  12. First: I like how it statically states that RC is the dullest skill without question or room for argument =P Second: Pretty much nails it. Should probably mention somewhere in there that it was Swift Switch, which is why people are going on about "ss" and not "sk".
  13. ATG: I never knew that IVP was run by a bunch of bankers / etc. I am not surprised though. Though totally unrecognizable, the actual game lies somewhere in there. You just have to dig around for it. Also: The score one for capitalism point is true. -.- Is that transformers game really going to be successful? It would have to be really off the charts to be successful after the Ooh-what's-this-new-thing phase I think. TOU: I didn't even know about this. It's always good to learn something interesting. Nostalgia: The last paragraph is the best part.
  14. What is this new bunch of link inclusion going on here? ( I know it helps the article, but what about when and if those links go dead? They should link to some permanent archive bin for future reading reference. ) --------------------- SoF is pretty much spot on throughout. --------------------- EtR: Why does every skill need to be fast? What is this madness? Not everything should be fast. It makes some things more valuable than others. (!) The ultra pessimist in me, however, says that everything should be fast enough to devalue the SoF max spin limit. This however is all post-complete-nonsense-rubbish-speak.
  15. Dead Land Dead Content: Never say never... (Isn't that the point here?) If they put stuff in both Pvp and non-Pvp, -> now. That's how it is now. If coal was only available in the wilderness, people would mine coal in the wilderness. But they don't. If you put something both places, people won't go to the wilderness one. Unless you make it really really really really really rare outside of the wilderness and/or with like a 70 hour respawn, people will just ignore the wilderness one(s) for obtainment purposes and use the other one(s). There needs to be some element of pure exclusivity that draws people there, or people simply won't go. For instance, if there was a boss monster out there that required like 15 people wearing top end gear to kill that dropped something extraordinarily rare, some people would go out there to kill it, and other people would go out there to kill them. Or like, multi-log trees or something. A store that sold really good exclusive stuff. Stores that bought what would otherwise be useless junk for ridiculous prices. Or a store that stocked something super awesome only available once per 5 wilderness agility laps. Stuff that makes it worth going out there. People will go out there if properly incentivised. As they used to when there was incentive out there. Putting stuff somewhere else takes away this incentive. If you want the rare thing they put out there, go get it. If you aren't willing to risk going out to get it, then don't. Just don't come whining that you couldn't get the rare thing because it was too dangerous to get. If you don't want to have the risk, you shouldn't get the reward. Ultra high risk needs an ultra high reward. The ultra high rewards should also have a corresponding ultra high risk.
  16. First reached: January 4 2001 - 0 billion -- June 14 2007 - 1 billion -- Days since 0b: 2352 Mar 28 2010 - 2 billion -- Days since 1b: 1018 July 28 2011 - 3 billion -- Days since 2b: 487 March 7 2012 - 4 billion -- Days since 3b: 223 ?? ?? ?? I'm sure this graphs out a nice curve that hits 5b at some point, but I'm not too keen on making graphs
  17. Yes sure cool and all. But why does it have to be mandatory? Why isn't there an option to turn off any or all the x stuff or configure customized click menus and whatnot? Why does it have to be only one way? [Maybe, anyway, regarding customized click menus...] But the x thing really should have the option of turning it off...[and letting you do things at your own speed!] Content addition vs. content replacement: options are good!
  18. What exactly does the second part of this have to do with the first part?
  19. Interesting parallels article... Not much to disagree with there.. plus it has the word plutocracy! :D Except: What is this boss hunting = all / skilling = nothing bit? I'm not even done with the mid level article yet but have to start commenting. It seems to make a lot of assumptions... However! The more important part: shortly followed by What are mid level players going to do? What did mid level players do before? Hmm... Back when the map was half the size it is now, there was plenty to do and people somehow managed to become "high levels" ... and now there's more to do than there was then... so .. if people managed to get through and not be bored then, it must certainly be possible now...
  20. I always thought it would make sense for agility to affect defence. Even if it wasn't significant, it could provide a boost. It would really be interesting to make it provide a combat level invisible boost, too. This would probably make people rage and set the duel arena scene quite aflutter though. If it was implemented at all it would boost the influence of the skill though, beyond the occasional shortcut and the run recharging time. I'm torn on the quests thing. I mean, it's good to be able to have all the options... but it would be very interesting if they had more stuff like the end of the family crest quest used to be where you could only ever pick one gauntlet type and had to keep it. (not that I'm complaining that they changed it, it would just be interesting if they hadn't).. Or there's the whole Shield of Arrav / Hero's thing where you can't get access to certain areas based on what side you are on. Maybe they will add some more duo/team questing in the future?
  21. Surprisingly enough, I'm not all that opposed to the rebooting concept. I think it would be kind of neat... Kind of like the rs2 beta, but actually longer... This article also highlights an important issue: Content addition, not content replacement. As said in the article, if they implemented such an update over all the serves, it wouldn't be met with the happiest of responses. If they considered leaving older content in the game when updating, it would give people who wanted to do things the new way the option to do them the new way, while leaving the old ways around for the people that like them better. regarding the second article: "Why you should care: If someone else is training their skills without even being at their computer, they have an advantage over you." ...(!) "And should we report people who are "AFK?" How do we tell if they are AFK? If they don't talk, maybe they just do not want to chat." I agree with Thus on this point.
  22. "The Wilderness agility course's gate examine message has been updated." What was the old one? A bronze halberd is no longer given to players using the Refer-a-Friend system. -> lololol
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