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Range tank help.


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I am currently working on a range tank build and was wondering if this would be viable for pvp around 90-110








Pray 49/52 or 70(cant decide yet this is what I need help with. 70 for the peity for the boost in defense.)




Mage: 64/w/e is needed for veng.


strength and attack :62,61/70


summoning: 1/ possbily higher but not used for pvp.




So that leaves the question would 70 pray be worth the 2 combat levels if I was to get defense to 99 putting me at combat 106.

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Thank you gents for all your input. The reason im going with 70/70 for atk and str is so I remain range/mage based instead of pvp based. As much as I would like to raise it I prefer to remain range based. I was looking at getting around 77 str with 70 atk so I could use whip and have that little boost to damage due to str. But im not sure yet.




Could anyone help me with whether or not summoning is worth getting? I realise that it is not calculated into your combat level unless you have the mats for it during pvp but I dont want to scare people off with that +9 or w/e after I get it up.

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