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mobilising army suicide for ranks?


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I have got enough reward credits for imblue a [edit] and to upgrade the resource locator, now i only need 40 more ranks to 100. I heard suiciding with light units in conflicts gives really fast ranks, anyone know how it works? Like, when do I invade and do I need any specials?




And for suicide do i need to invest anymore or just 10 is enough?

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well as far as i know suiciding is just running against some one more powerful then you and hopping that they kill you fast




i would guess that specials would be a waste




i would guess siege suicides would be faster though






also i dont think it is a ring of life...i think it is a diamond ring... im not positive but fairly certain






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It is. Diamond Ring (i) I think ;)


Just a regular diamond ring, not a Ring of Life. The (i) only gives it some boosted combat stats.

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