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What to do as a member


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I will become a member soon but I don't know what to do in these 31 days of membership, I don't want do waste my money on membership and then don't know what to do in the 5 times larger world :?




These are my stats:


42 Hp


57 Magic


57 Mining


47 Smithing


36 Runecrafting




All my other skills are level 1, I want to stay pure mage




Do you guys know some quest I can manage to complete and get exp for one of my skills or some usefull mining/runecrafting/smithing/magic items?


And does anyone got some advice to make fast money with mining/smithing/runecrafting?





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As far as questing goes, have you looked at Tip.It's quest calculator?




Start by going to the Quest List here http://tip.it/runescape/index.php?rs2quest and check the quests you have completed.




Then go to the calculator here http://tip.it/runescape/?quest_calc to get your stats. You may have to manually adjust some of them, but there is a button for doing that.




What is returned is the list of available quests, whether you have the requirements and what they are, show/hide buttons for the rewards, links to the quest guides, etc.




It is a great tool with the only problem being that it doesn't return accurate information when a combat level or combat level component, ie Summoning, is a requirement.




Have fun!

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Well you could powermine granite to 60 - then join Mining Guild and make some money off coal and mith ore. You could even superheat and sell the mith bars, for a bit of mage training. Mith has been going up lately on GE, so you may break even here.




For mage exp, I think High Alch is still your best bet - heres a useful calculator to help you break even or minimize your loss.






Smithing is almost dead, but for money, you could buy steel bars, make cannonballs out of them and sell the cannonballs back for a profit. Its slow xp but decent money.




For runecrafting, your stats are pretty low for profit making. Consider using duelling rings to get up to 44 - then go Nat crafting. I doubt you could do abyss, so your stuck with Karamja for that. -.-




Edit: feel free to add me to your friends list if you need someone to show you around members. ::' (RS Name: Equal_Ibrium)

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Thanks for the advice so far :thumbsup:


I'll find out about the quests, but some more moneymaking/training advice would be great, and if you think there is something I REALLY need to do in my time as a member those advices are also welcome :thumbup: ) (Things I need to 'TRY BEFORE I DIE')

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Do this and use the goulash on whatever skill you choose, if plan on being f2p all the time after your membership runs out I suggest using all 10 on prayer cos some body on this forum has to click over 3 million times to get 3 levels in prayer and this would cut down on that ALOT!



IM GOING TO LIVE FOREVER .......... or die trying

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