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[Fun War] Legendz defeat Polish Fighters


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Legendz V Polish Fighters








I was approached by a couple PF officials for a war and I accepted with the following rules:




- Classic Map || Center Bounds


- Matched +/-2


- Melee, Ranged and Binds all allowed


- No corrupt


- PF Attack








The rules had stated +/-2, but as we dropped to 31, someone from our side DC'd (not mentioning names :P) so the start was 30-29 where was outleveled lots, with PF having around 10 120+ to our 1 or 2. :lol: With some good leading by myself (I don't praise myself often but I led well today XD) we managed a fast few k0's after our first pile and got a 2 man lead. A great tank by Sir Mike 991 helped extend our lead, and some more good calls by myself made the lead impenetrable. PF had some great tanks however, and reduced the score to 20-17 at one point, but we kept pushing on and our binds became better as we progressed, helping to secure a comfortable win. Props to my Clan Europe buddy Lvcaz who tanked great for PF today, and hopped to CE's mass for our PKRI against WL as fast as me. XD




Overall we was great and managed many k0's with less opts than usual. We also had 95% on TS, which pleased me to say the least. I think we're improving in Classic map. Outleveled but never outgunned? :D








Legendz Starting : 35 (dropped to 31, and a dc made it 30 starting)


PF Starting: 29




Legendz Ending: 15 (with a couple DC's)


PF Ending: 0 on battlefield
















Thanks for the fight PF, matched next time perhaps. :thumbup:

New account: Jack

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