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LND vs Bucket Unit


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Legends Never Die vs Bucket Unit






» Matched CWA


» Melee Binds


» 3 Sniper Cap


» No RSC


» Rings Allowed


» No Corrupt





LND Starting: 25 (dropped)


BU Starting: 15








Well LND walked into this fight knowing we'd have to drop a few - so we dropped mostly -110 Combat leaving us with a strong mostly 120+ pile. Levels were relitively equal in this fight aswell but LND didint take the lead after Sandstormer was first pile and was caught in robes and lost a few food to that, about 20seconds between BU's first kill and LND's. I (Stewie) was second pile and tanked for 3 kills giving LND a comfortable advatage as Snipers rattled down BU's hybrids making tanking easy. As soon as BU made their third pile after I (Stewie) was down LND was 14-11 and by the end of Valorionice's tanking session it was 13-8 with LND having the win in the bag. Snipers done a hell of a good job giving LND easy kills and good calling from C_Yoshimitsu once again gave us a good lead time after time. Binding was fluent and the antisnipe made that possible by dropping snipers down if they came near.








There was some pathetic [bleep]ing from Swingway about LNd using 4 snipers at the 3-12 stage, which for a start is false as we had 3 snipers out and 1 mass binder wgo never laid a finger on a single BU member, all i can say to this is stop whinning and actually grow up, i asked for a mass binder and elle went out to do so - she did NOT under any circumsrtances hit a single member of BU.




LND Ending Count: 12











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