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  1. Good job lads! lets keep this up and strive for 2 or more years :)
  2. Looks like yo had a good run :mellow: You mad Rizzle?
  3. Red in the face lol. Good job lads. We romdath'd them.
  4. community event/pk/short prep a different clan./hit the clan you were supposed to fight if there pking and not in a war :)
  5. zq50

    Next #1

    1. Rot 2. TT 3. Eos 4. Rsd 5. vr.
  6. Gj rot. Strong as usual. Idk who this guy posting these topics on tipit/rsc is though... :mellow:
  7. Gj ph looked easy with those numbers tbh. Good try Downfall, did a great job with the number difference.
  8. I think 4 times. 1. My account was under somebodies control for 4 months (had been playing for 4 months) 2. I got scammed my 1M bank and rage quit for 10 months. 3. Got bored of runescape and thought i was gonna get banned. (rolf55) 8 months 4. My bank was dropped on its face. 6 months. Total quit time: 28 months. (2 1/3 years) Happened in about a 5 year time period.
  9. Wow nice pull trwf! keep those #'s up!
  10. zq50

    CR vs SE

    Terrible pull by us, but i can happily say thats the best we can do with those opts :) gf cr. Maybe another time when we got 30 on so it won't be boring for you! Just me getting dropped on my face.
  11. I honestly laughed irl. Just joined solace 3 weeks ago now i think and loving it. Hopefully we last a long time!
  12. gf tko, even if it was 30v30 the ending would have still only been like 20-0. Members/ranks were irritated at first but we don't care anymore :)
  13. Downfall if they can keep above 120 opts in game at all times. Fools vs Divine forces 2 hr cap all styles.
  14. Considering Downfalls recent fight with TSE it wouldn't be a waste of time for you guys :lol: rofl, pretty much this. It was an hour cap... and we lasted the hour. Sorry for playing the game rofl. Even if we stayed you would still have to deal with the cap. Just because you last a cap doesn't mean it's worth some ones time. But that's not what I was saying, I was saying you'll pull similar and it would be a good fight :thumbup: I had a fun time tbh :)
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