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LND vs Alkae - 2 Rounds - Short Prep - Cleared In CWA Run In


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Legends Never Die vs Alkaedalatin




Round #1








» 90mins Prep


» CWA Matched Knockout - Middle Bounds


» No Corrupt


» Rings Allowed


» War World: 118


» Whoever Drops Attacks


» Melee Binds Only





Starting Opts




LND: 16 (dropped to 12)


Alkae: 12




Ending Opts




LND: 11


Alkae: 0












Well LND dropped down to the same numbers, LND took the lead early on, then had 2 straight KO's on Alkae after that - Valerionice tanked Alkae superbly all over CWA and didnt die until around the 12-6 stage, giving LND a 1 loss for the whole fight. Binding was epic, Anti snipe was epic and Sniping was epic. Gf Alkae was fun.




LND now 9 wins No Losses, strong record and still going.




Round #2



» 30min Run In




This round wasn't so enjoyable from LNDs perspective and Alkae's aswell i suppose - LND Gained some quick kills and soon breached the gap easily, while Alkae had a sniper using a corrupt dragon Battleaxe and had other members that flamed us before walking out.




LND Starting: 12


Alkae Starting: 11




LND Ending Kc: 8 (+7 as they all left the run in so total: 15)


Alkae ending Kc: 3









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