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Steel Dragon


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I usually bring a terrorbird with extra prayer/antifire/pure set potions. Make sure to bring an extra pouch as you will probably not be using your potions up very fast. You can also bring another one to summon near the end of your trip, to bring in 12 more dragon bones.




Steel dragons are only located in the Brimhaven dungeon.

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If you have a unicorn stallion or a pack yak filled with sharks and a uni spare with 99att and str you could try pietying them with bandos, although with steel dragons being crowded lots due to the small amount of them and iron dragons "pjing" you after kills for a bit you'l probably be better off using prossy and praying melee.




The only steel dragons are in brimhaven, if your using prossy you could bring a BOB to summon near the end of the trip to hold some d bone drops or bring a bunyip if you misclick prayer or drink an antifire to late a few times and need a bit of a hp boost.




and yes you still need an antifire or dragonfire shield if you use antifires. Using them both in conjunction with pray melee you should take 0 damage.

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