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  1. Oh wow a really old schooler... happy birthday one year later :D

  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. I didn't think you could have level 25 ramparts. I thought the extra level thing ONLY worked in the outskirts. Hmmm... In famous cities, you are able to upgrade everything above level 20. In Zhou(purple) and Barbarian(yellow) cities you can build and research to level 25. In Shang(blue) cities, you can build and research to level 30! The faction of the city also determines what kind of troops(skilled, expert, or master) it creates.
  4. Fedorca99


    The game has moved out of beta(although there are still many bugs and unimplemented content) and there will be no restarts. :wink:
  5. Most of those seem nice, although overpowered. Having 99 cons myself, most of these would be nice.
  6. Some of us on the Royal Garden server are actually pledging allegiance to the FTP Alliance, since they are by far the best Zhou alliance, and it would be in the best intrests to get their clan to level 5.
  7. Here's mine. :smile: Currently working on my villages, to get more gold per hour.
  8. The special attack is a 50% drain, not 100% as the guide says. :smile:
  9. Ok, so I'm up to 4672 reputation on the Royal Garden server. I'm currently upgrading my resource buildings to level 9 to try and get the second logistics task done. Then I'll start collecting as much gold as I can and do the Aspiration 2 task. Also, as luck would have it, my second account I made is about 12 squares away from my other city. :smile:
  10. Yeah, I think only Red Dragon got reset. My account in Royal Gardens(which is actually better) is still up and running. Anyone feel like making the Golden Horde Alliance again? I would, but I have very little gold.
  11. I know, I can't build/upgrade because of a lack of it. Got farrrrrrr too much food though. >.> I have the wood, I need food. :wall: Sooo, do I have to be in Frozen peak to join the clan? If so, I may as well start a new character, I haven't done much on mine.
  12. Here's a picture of the new trident's special attack. [hide][/hide] Crew Edit: Thanks so much for this! :) I actually added this into the Special Attack section of the Combat Guide, rather than the Barbarian Assault minigame guide. You were credited within the Combat guide. Again, thanks so much for your help. :thumbsup: - SerpentEye
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