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Ernest the Chicken correction

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A crew member will post and lock the thread. You can edit previous posts to avoid "double-posting" and if posting under any of the Websites Updates & Corrections, you should avoid "bumping" posts. When you post here, a crew member will look at it. If they don't write or fix it right away, it's because they haven't gotten to it or are awaiting discussion among the crew.




If you post something and it takes a long time and you want an answer, PM any of the crew. While they do have "jobs", any crew member can help.




Welcome to Tip.It

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295/303 Quest Points

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Welcome to Tip.It paepay1023, thanks for posting!




For a change like this on an old quest, we usually hope for confirmation from another user. Obviously for something like this, getting a picture indicating the change is out of the question. So it will have to wait a while.


it's a lot easier to get over yourself when you look at intelligence the same way you look at beauty, or height, or eye color: being smart is easy, but being good is hard ... being smart is handed to you, being good is handed to *nobody*.

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I can confirm this. I pulled the lever marked A on the map and got the mssg "You pull level B down"









Ty Jeppoz for making it. Thx to the Pup for finding it after it got lost :D And thx to Kill_Life and Turtle for the ava.


Stoltenberg, 22/7-11: "We will retaliate with more democracy" In remembrance of Oslo/Utøya. May we never forget, nor be pulled down to the level of the beast

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