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Help killing cave slime


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Ive got a slayer task to kill 25 or so cave slime. I hate these things though. The second i get close to one they explode and extingish my light source and get hit for a load of damage. I should easily kill these things but the things keep exploding on me, ive tried maging and meleeing them. Guessing range will fail to. Is there a way to get around them exploding coz then i can easily deal with being poisoned. thanks

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^ What they said.




Seriously, PAY ATTENTION to the WARNINGS. Open flames WILL cause an EXPLOSION. Bring a COVERED LIGHT SOURCE. Torches and candles are NOT COVERED. Find out which ones ARE. It's not hard.

Balance may be power, but chaos is still pretty damn fun.


Canada can't be second rate, polar bears are their main mode of transportation.

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