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Help with crafting equation plex?


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My friend with 99 craft said it was about 50m w/o sc needles and 25m with sc, but when i calculated it, it came out to 90m w/o sc and 45m with sc. Can someone tell me what i did wrong?






My equation:green d-leather(2k*3)=6009, which is the cost to make one d hide body. I subtracted that from a green dhide body which is 4610 to get the gp loss per body which is 1399. I have about 12.7m xp to go so I divided that by 186(the xp per dhide body) to see how many bodies i would have to make which is 68465. Then I multiplied that by the gp loss which 1399 and i got 95m to get 99 craft. If I divide that by 2, it goes to 47m. Is there anything I did wrong because my friend has 99 craft and im sure hes right thats its 25 m with sc tools.





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Your math is correct, the prices are a bit on the rise so that might of changed the prices. I think your friend was trying to make it sound cheap.




1. Make sure you are starting on the same level


2. Make sure that they didn't tan hides themselves

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He probably didn't start training crafting with green d hide bodies at level. Ask him what lvl he started at.

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