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  1. I lost a lot of respect for you. blah blah blah... ~Whoa 1gp~ Suomi takes donates, you take money from impatient noobs by flipping the GE. There is no difference. Or can you think of a way to merchant without involving other players? Let me know when you think of one. According to you the only way to truely earn 200m in all skills is to farm all your own items like it's not a multiplayer game. Zarfot didn't do [cabbage] he just got lucky that he just happened to merchant when there was horrible inflation and you really couldn't fail.
  2. Just popped in for amusement so not to cause any disruption, but been there done that, and it's called addiction, an unhealthy one. Some people still have a way to go to admitting they have a problem. I've had a few myself, which have effectively vanished after setting my mind free of the chore known as RS, allowing me to carry out my full physical and mental potential. Trust me, you don't try to maintain efficiency while supposedly doing homework purely because it's 'fun', quite plain and simple. Your full potential...mastering 2D online mini golf games.
  3. prices will go down because of deflation not because of bots
  4. I never said the wilderness caused a price crash. I said the wilderness caused the price the be artificially inflated. You never responded to my main point, If free trade bots are causing the price of ranarrs to fall, why did the fall start in march 2010, a year before free trade was released? bxpwk did cause a spike and the price has returned to normal, if we follow the trend of the last 14 months. Take a look at the graphs. There was a significant spike with the release of the wild, which was about a month before the announcement of the bonus xp weekend. There's an obvious spike in response to the release of the wild, after which the price remained artificially high. Then with the announcement of the bxpw there was an additional spike on top of the already inflated price. After the bxpw the price settled back to right about where it should be if we follow the trend of the last 13-14 months. All herbs have been dropping in price since the end of the bxpw in march 2010, with spikes for subsequent bxpws. A better explanation for the drop in price of herbs is the general deflation in the runescape economy. If you reply to this, please at least address my main point. If free trade bots are causing the price of ranarrs to fall, why did the fall start in march 2010, a year before free trade was released, and the recent crash is right in line with the trend over the last 14 months?
  5. Ranarr weeds have been steadily going down since march 2010, the recent crash is due to the price being inflated by the wilderness and bonus xp weekend.
  6. I don't understand why you would play runescape if you don't like grinding. The only reason to play runescape is because it's the only grinding game left. If you want to play a game of skill play an FPS or League of legends. If you want to play a re-skin of facebook play world of warcraft.
  7. If bots and RWTers are causing deflation, how do you explain the fact that deflation started in roughly March of 2010, nearly a year before free trade was reintroduced, and has been steady for the last 14 months? see http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Common_Trade_Index Everyone blames the decline of the price in ranarrs on bots, but it has been steadily declining (besides obvious bumps for bonus xp weekends) since march 2010. I think a better explanation for deflation is the decline of high alch as a useful spell, and the general decline in popularity of runescape itself.
  8. If you don't like the social aspect turn public chat off, problem solved no need to write like 5 paragraphs.
  9. Remember at lrc you are getting mining and smithing xp at the same time. Smithing plates takes an extra hour. with his number alching and making plates is 70k mining + 250k smithing per 2 1/3 hours (1 hour to mine 1 hour to smith 20 minutes to make money) which overall is ~30k mining + 107k smithing xp per hour @ 3m gp/hr vs 50k mining xp 50k smithing xp per hour if alching really increases your mining xp by 40% you should probably alch. That seems a little high though doesn't it.
  10. yea botting runescape is brand new it's only been around since 2001
  11. Tipit should make a forum devoted entirely to [bleep]ing about bots so we don't have to have these threads just thought id demonstrate how dumb this thread is, wow is not a grinding game to the extent runescape is. Only grinding aspects are leveling and gold farming which isnt nearly as important as gold farming in runescape. Sure enough if you search leveling or gold farming bots are right there. Keep in mind to start a new warcraft account with up to date expansions is $40. Runescape accounts are free. Notice warcraft topics are on this list 3 times
  12. 2011 and we still haven't learned to not put gray text on a slightly-different-shade-of-gray background
  13. The real reason is they allowed the ge price of partyhats to change by 5% per update, so they are more quickly approaching their real value
  14. Jagex shouldn't take legal action, they should reward the hackers for removing Chessy's scammed wealth so they didn't have to. Well done, "hackers."
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