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WGS: armour and robes


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I'm in the middle of this quest and have gotten to the part where I'm in the Black Knight's Fortress underground. I've gotten a set of Dagon'hai robes from the wardrobe and a second set of Elite armour that went to Silif. I had heard that when in Falador, I could get a second set of Dagon'hai robes by dropping my set and talking to Thaerisk. Was that ever possible? I'm told when asking about how to disguise myself that I should be able to figure it out for myself, even with the robes dropped.




I'd LIKE a second set of everything, but I figure the armour is now a rare drop from Elite Black Knights and the Dagon'hai robes from some dudes in the CTs...if there was a better way, I suppose it would be mentioned...but just checking.




(some other sites do say it's possible, but Tip.It is a lot more reliable...not perfect, but definitely reliable...)

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I doubt it is possible, during the quest I tried to see if i could snag an extra set but it didn't work. Its borderline bug abuse by "duping" items that are of high value especially since Jagex never meant/wanted people to get multiple sets.

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I remember the rumors of being able to get a second set, but I've not even gotten close to the requirements to WGS to be able to try.


Could just have been an attempt by a merching clan to cause the price to drop.


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Not possible, I would be a couple hundred k richer otherwise. :twisted:

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