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Hey, the other day i bought a corrupt vesta chainbody and equipped it. I was under the impression that they lasted for 15 minutes in *COMBAT*.


that was until, the next time I looked it had already vanished.


Anyone know why this happened? Or has it always been like this.




I bought another set shortly after and equipped it for about 30 seconds, and sure enough it start degrading, just standing around.




Im not bothered about the 700k wasted, just how and why this happened. thankyou.

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I'm pretty sure the corrupt version degrades based on wearing time and the regular version degrades based on combat time.




And it's always been like this.

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I'm not sure why you'd go to only the Wiki for information. However good the Wiki is, it always has errors. I'm not saying you shouldn't use it, but you should always check the information.




For something as important as this, I would go to the Knowledge Base first.




Proof that Wikis should not be trusted 100%: http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ire ... 92919.html

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Why read the Wiki when you can ask us fine blokes? :thumbsup:




I guess you learned the difference, the hard way. Although the Wiki can be very helpful, the fact that anyone can edit the information makes it questionable at the best of times.




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