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A disturbed blog // +++82/99 construction+++

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Welcome to my blog !




[hide=About me]Hello everybody ! Welcome to my first blog. My name is Stijn and I live in Belgium. I'm 20 years old and going to college atm.


I first joined runescape around 2003. It was my first MMO ever, then afther some years I moved on to WoW.




I stoped playing WoW after 3 years just because I thought I was trowing away my money in that game (I saw no future in WoW anymore).


I moved on to another MMO : EVE online. A splendid game but It couldn't bind me to it.




Then I decided to come back to my roots of MMO's: runescape !


So here I am again in runescape and this time I'm going for my first 99

witch will be followed in my first blog!.


I was formally known as disturbed237 but changed my name to Lofleur[/hide]




[hide=My goal]I'm going for 99 construction.


I will try to accomplish this in 2 steps.




*First step: oak larders.


I will buy oak planks and turn them into oak larders till I hit lvl 74




*Second step: Dungeon doors with demon butler.


After lvl 74 I will turn oak planks into demon doors till I hit lvl 99




To get the oak planks I will need alot of money. This money will be gathered by selling herbs from chaos druids.[/hide]








[hide=Stats]My Stats at the beginning of this blog:






My stats at this moment:





My latest achievements:




Thanks for reading my blog ! I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to leave a message ;-)

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Thanks for the support r4ngewarlord and nerdboyxxx !




Yeah my name is related to the band disturbed . I made this account some years ago when I was like 14 years old and I was really a big fan back then. I still am now but I hate the numbers in my name. Don't know If I will change 'em when the name update is here.




Edit: I see you're a fan as well at the pic of your bloglink thingy lol

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