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What is happening to pumpkins/disks?


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I've quit for a while now and when I did I invested in just 6 h'ween masks.




Just decided to check on RS randomly the other day and saw that they hadn't risen much but disks of returning/pumpkins are going for over 100m?!? (will they ever be back at that price that they were so stable at while i was playing which was like 4-7m)




I'd love to know what's happening here lol





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Well there may be a few reasons.




One is that more people might be getting banned so that means less are in the economy. Another is people are accidentally eating their pumpkins :lol: .




But for being rares that you can't really show off have no other idea why they are so much. And idk if they will ever fall that low.

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Since theres 0% chance that there will be more entering the game I'm very sure they will never drop.

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People buy them out because they know other people will buy them for 100m. Once people notice these rares are unbuyable on the GE, they go to the forums to sell them off.




Also depending on what junk you buy it with, it could be a wealthy investment to buy the item.

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