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  1. I Lol'd all over myself. Same. Silly Jagex, thinking they bring out high leveled content.
  2. Wow I can't believe you actually risked your blue :P My phone was going crazy at work.
  3. In order to bot 90m dungeoneering experience you would have to run your account 20 hours each day at 50k xp/h. Although yes it is possible to bot 90m experience in 3 months, it would be very tricky to keep your script running with little down time. Of course that is assuming 50k experience an hour, but you wouldn't reach those rates until 110-115 dungeoneering.
  4. Welcome to Dicing. My cousin was muted 5+ times hosting on world 1. Each mute lasting an hour or less. This was before the big clans took over dicing, so I could only imagine how it is now. And how these mods keep there crown is beyond me.
  5. It wouldn't be WoW that kills RS. It will be Guild Wars 2. The game looks amazing.
  6. Yes perhaps, but in order to keep the game low in specs animations would need to be kept at the minimum. Thus it would be difficult to animate good looking martial arts.
  7. I always remember the pirate's hut in members wilderness being popular. Maybe that was because it was AFK and the pirates had aggression at all levels. Training prayer there would be hard.
  8. I like to keep items in my bank that I've had for years just for the sake of having them. I have 23 normal tiaras that have not moved once since the day they were released with Runecrafting. I'm almost positive the top of my bank is all items from RSC.
  9. I could donate you rune items/gp/rares on RSC if you ever need it soumi. Message me 5 years from now when you finally max out.
  10. This is exactly how I feel. The true clan hang out is on their forums or in the Clan Chat, not gathering around in a place that has nothing to do in it. Jagex has always said they do not cater to people who handicap themselves from certain parts of the game (skillers, pures. etc.), however with such a large focus on clans it seems Jagex is considering being in a clan a big part of the game. Why should Jagex have to cater to people who choose not to be in a clan? The citadels should give good rewards for clans that keep their home updated and at higher tiers. If you're not in a clan then you just won't be able to access a certain part of the game.
  11. Well the point is that if Jagex were to actually raise the price, goldfarmers would still be able to keep a steady profit. There is no legitimate price Jagex could charge for this MMO that would hinder goldfarmers. Therefore, the only reason for Jagex to raise the price is because they want more money.
  12. It's extremely easy to find a method that gains 500k gp/h as a bot. If you have 1 bot running 10 hours a day that would gain you 5m a day. In 2 days you would gain 10m, and if you sell your gp at 50 cents a mill you would gain 5 dollars in 2 days. That would leave you the other 28 days to gain profit. That was at $5 a month for RS membership. Even at $15 a month for membership, you would have 24 days left to make money. And that is at a measly 500k gp/h, selling for under what gold goes for now. Any higher than a $15 membership fee and nobody would actually pay for membership.
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