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Unable to use D spear spec


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According to RSWikia, the RuneTrek 5 update made this special attack unavailable - this is most likely unintentional.




I imagine this will be fixed within the next coming weeks. In the mean while, it's best to submit a bug report.







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Yeah it's a known bug. Z Spear's spec doesn't work right now either.



Slayer Drops

Dragon Chainbody (dust devil), Dragon Platelegs x2, Dragon Plateskirt x3, Dragon Boots x38, Dragon Med Helm x5, Dragon Spear x3, Shield Left Half x4

Staff of Light x2, Abyssal Whip x16, Dark Bow x17, Granite Maul x17, Focus Sight, Hexcrest x2, Black Mask x4, Leaf-bladed Sword, Mystic x31, Obsidian x13, Brine Sabre x2, Spirit Shield, Dragonstone x5

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