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Really need help with Missing My Mummy

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So i followed rune hq's guide for this quest (sorry tip.it :( ) but i didn't get 100% on the mummy even though i followed the directions fully and no matter how many times i rechecked...i always stayed at 96%. When i asked the mummy for what i was missing, i clicked name and personality and this is what she says :

"My use-name is Senliten - it is not the full name that identifies me in the great scheme and the papyrus you have supplies is flawed. This name was written upon a papyrus on the upper level of this tomb. You must recover this and return it to me in order to give me a fuller sense of my place in the cosmos."

This makes no sense at all because when i followed the quest guide, and i checked tip.it too, it was supposed to get 100% when i gave her the scroll but its basically saying that its "flawed"

Please help and i really need to know what to do :thumbsup:

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I believe you need to take the "flawed" papyrus with her name on it to Reldo, and convince him to give you the original. Or.. you have to convince Ali who sells stuff in Al Kharid? One of them has it, and you need to convince them to give it up after you've gotten the flawed one.
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The information you're looking for was in the "Tips, tricks, and notes" section of our quest guide, as completely restoring the mummy (to 100%) is done after the quest.

1. Speak with Ali Morrisane in Al-Kharid. He tells you that Reldo (the Varrock librarian) has some important documents pertaining to the Queen and will ask for some sq'irk juice in exchange for his documents regarding her name, and he can give you more if you have superhuman convincing powers. Go get some sq'irk juice (any type works) and return to Ali Morrisane. He will give you the Copied name papyrus. Next, equip your Ring of charos(a) and speak with him. With the Mummy's name papyrus in hand, proceed north to Reldo.

2. Walk north to Varrock so that you can pick up an Al-kharid flier from Ali the leaflet dropper along the way.

3. Speak with Reldo, who will ask for a flier from Ali Morrisane. Wow, you already have one! He will give you a Scroll of praise.

4. Go back to the Queen using the same routes you followed earlier. Now you should have 100% completion and some extra experience. Congratulations!

Cheers. ;)
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