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Dragon Hunters defeats CS Forces


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We had a small beef with CSF (thanks god not anymore :thumbsup:) and we set up a pk run in with them. We were pumped for this fight, and we managed to pull solid 156 opt to their 165.


DH start:



CSF start:




War started off and we piled CSFO Iscr34m which unfortunatelly had corrupt armour which wasn't allowed. We stopped for few mins so I was able to talk with Kovajda. After 2 mins both clans rushed each other and real fight started. At the begining we had a little mess on ts and it was a bit difficult, but then pumped ourselves and fought back, koing CSF member by left and right. Our snipe unit beasted today which allowed our ppl to tank CSF very well. After 30 mins CSF had like 60 opt pile, we were hitting their regroups constatly koing their fi leaders. In my eyes it was a bit one sided war, personally I died 3 times and was leading 80% of war.


There was a small misunderstaning, I saw someone from CSF in our pile spamming ''times up'' when it was like 5 mins till the end, and Kova got angry cause we piled him when he stopped CSF (sorry for that m8 :wub:).


DH ending (non pvp) - ~50, some returning, 58 on teamspeak



CSF ending - ~26 confirm please, I didn't take a picture.


Good fight CSF!


- Proud Corruption Oldschool till the end-

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