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Uses for Paid Labor


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okay so with the new trade limits, I can trade up to 240k gp per 15 mins, which is basically 1 mil per hour

So I have a few friends in mind who would be more than happy to do random labor for me at 1 mil gp/hour (they have the requied qp's for it too, but are still pretty poor for w/e reason)


so i don't NEED to pay them the full 1 mil per hour if the work they do doesn't justify it.

but whatever we do it has to be worthwhile to the both of us


an obvious answer is to use one of my friends as a "spare runecrafting pouch" once i finish 90-> 91 rc. since the pure ess my friend would help carry for me would bring in an extra 750-1 mil gp/hour anyways


so any other ideas of what I could do with "paid" labor?

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Remember that you can't do anything that would end up with you earning too much money.


For example, they wouldn't be able to trade to you more than 960k worth of pure ess during that hour (I know they wouldn't be able to do that for pure ess, but it might be a problem for other things).


Maybe find somewhere with a resourse you want (like mining) that's far away from a bank and get them to do all the running to banks and back for you? maybe banking the drops from certain monsters (would be good if you were at something like abherrent spectres (sp?) so they could bank the herbs).


Aside from that and runecrafting, I can't think of anything, sorry.


give F2P a penny and they want a dime; give P2P a quarter, they want 100,000 dollars, your car, house, boat, social security number, credit card numbers, drivers license, clothes on your back and everything you ever owned or interacted with ever
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