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Full battle robes.


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I have a set of them, and am wondering how much they are perceived to be. I'm seeing a lot of 10m+ offers for them on forums and am wondering what i should sell mine for.

I also have no junk :(

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And i just happen to buy a bottom and top before the SoL came out. And i have enough to buy a hood >:)


I think i might have some cash coming my way...


Well, considering the 1/2 runes saved combined with the SoL, reduced recharge rates, and how long it takes to get in the actual game, I'm guessing around 10M is correct.


EDIT: I sold my set for roughly 7M(Got a focus sight + 800k in addy P++ arrows). And if the focus sight manages to work it's way over 3M, i've mad a decent profit ^.^

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