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What stats are recommended for Jad?


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I want to get that fire cape :)




99 range, hp, def and prayer


Can you reasonably expect to kill him with:


70 def, 70 range, 70 hp and about 60 prayer.


The thing to remember is that there is a 99.99999999999999999999999999999% chance that you will no beat him on your first go. He take practice (and lots of it). Read the guides. Learn the waves. Know what you should be expecting and when to expect it (eg. Know that you'll have to pro mage after the 2 180's)


The waves are easy, and with good enough equiptment can be done at pityfully low levels. I completed them the first time I tried them.


It took me 14 attempts to kill jad.


Use an sgs or an ee if you can, always bring the best invent possible ( for me this was 3 range pots, 200 diamond (e) an ee (can be substituted for an sgs or purp sweets) 5 sara brews and the rest sup restores)


Good Luck!


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70 ranged

70 defence/atk would help for guthan's

40 prayer

60 Hp


These would be the bare minimum really. You don't need guthan's, many have done without it. You could go with less than 60 hp, but 60 is good incase one of the 360's hits you. And again, that is the minimum prayer level. You would probably want more, however.

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Heres a very good guide on the fight caves.




And heres a guide for praying switching for Jad, very useful.




Don't be discouraged if you don't get it your first, second, or third time. Many maxed out players still haven't even gotten one, it's a difficult task to do. Good luck!




~ Captainkidd

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I did it at 60 def and 70 range, 43 prayer - But it was abit hard..


Best way to prepare is to watch you tube vids on fullscreen and 'pretend' you are playing - Familiarize yourself with everything that will happen and see how the pro's handle it.

'Rock Hard' boss pure - 60/60 Attack | 99/99 Range | 1/1 Defence | 44/44 Prayer | 99/99 Strength | 99/99 Mage - level 79 combat EOC


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