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Spoiler not working on iPhone?


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When browsing Tip it, spoiler tags don't open on my iPhone. Everything else works. JavaScript is turned on.


Help? (3gs)

Drops: Black Mask.

Clue rewards: Sara Plate, 2 Robins, Some other random stuff.

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I'm guessing that you're using the IP.Board Lo-Fi theme on your phone (it turns on by default when you access Tip.it from your phone)? If so, it looks as if hide tags do not work with that theme at all on the forum, even when used on a computer (I just tried it myself). I don't know if this is intentional or not though.. but you can always switch the theme to something else on your phone to use hide tags properly. The Tip.it Theme works just fine on my iPhone so it should be alright for you too :)

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Moving this to the Forum Feedback section as it's more of a forum related issue rather than a problem with your iPhone. :)


I tried the skin myself and couldn't get the hide tags to work either. Best bet would be to just use one of the other skins like Tripsis suggested.

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