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Missing Ny Mummy EXTREME Frustration. HELP


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I have finished Missing My Mummy and need to complete the tomb thing or whatever, you move onto the other quests in hopes of unlocking the prayer curses. I have been training skills and doing quests for like 2 weeks now to do this quest. So now I am stuck at something that is suppose to be stupidly easy.



I talk to Ali and he tells me about a squirk fruit or something, and also about reldo. Well i got the scroll from reldo, but i need the name from Ali. So i go to the sorceress's hut he tells me to go to. I talk to the apprentice, I follow the correct dialog. When i get to the point where my character can choose something along the lines of "Cast the spell on me, it will be great magic training!" She simply replies "I am far too busy sweeping"


I have tried countless guides, i have posted on the official runescape forums, and none of it has helped. Here is the link to the RS forum http://[Use Quick Find Code]/c=ExvZaZwA-bs/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?20,21,702,60440177


I have tried every dialog option there is and I have completed the prince ali rescue quest. The only thing I can think of is the game for some reason or another thinks that I HAVE NOT completed the prince ali rescue quest and that is why she won't teleport me? I did the quest in 2001 or 2002, so maybe something wasn't copied right from rsc to rs2? Really im at a loss and am trying to figure out why its not working, or at least get it to work. Has anyone here not completed the prince ali rescue quest and know what she says then? So i can compare the results to what she says to me.


Here is the entire conversation with each option i can choose:




I could cast a Water Blast or a Wind Blast Spell? (she tells me about turning into spiders and the conversation ends)


Surely there must be upsides to the task? (she continues about a garden)



You're right, you shouldn't have. (ends the conversation)


Oh, you can talk to me. I can see you're having a bad day. ("You're right, nobody listens to me" dialog continues)



I Can't blame them, all you do is whine. (She gets upset and ignores me)


A sympathetic Ear can do wonders (Conversation continues and she asks what she was talking about)



I don't know. You were whining about something or nothing. (Upset and ignores)


To tell you the truth, I wasn't really listening. (Upset and ignores)


You mentioned something about the garden. (Tells me about the garden being compressed, mentions the sorceress teaching her to teleport, continues dialog)



Wow, cast the spell on me. It will be good Magic training for you. (She says she can't do that now, she is far too busy sweeping, dialog ends)


Oh, that's nice. Well it's been great talking to you. (Ends the dialog)



I am honestly losing interest in the game right now with aving spent 2 weeks trying to get these curses and no being unable to even start the quest, not because i dont have the right skills, but because the game seems to be confused.


I really hope i am just missing something here and i look like a fool when someone points it out, because ive been trying close to 4 hours to just get into this dumb garden



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From tip.it guide on the game




Osman, the Al Kharid spy master quite enjoys his Sq'irk Juice. He used to buy it from a Sorceress in the town, but their relationship deteriorated and now it is up to you to help. He will ask you to infiltrate her garden and collect Sq'irk fruits to make him juice. In return he will give you thieving experience. You can also get small amounts of farming experience from picking fruits and herbs. To visit the garden you need to speak to the Apprentice in the house southeast of the Palace in Al Kharid. After chatting with her, you can ask her to practice her magic by teleporting you to the garden.


*Users must have finished the Prince Ali Rescue quest in order to play this game."


I'm assuming you have completed Prince Ali Rescue as it is required for the quest neway.


But have you talked to Osman about inflitrating the garden?


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