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Getting a pirates hook/herbs


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I have 42 agility, and i was wondering if it was worth getting a pirates hook. If so, how long would it take and when should i sell it? I have hardly any junk and would rather wait for the GE price to reach the street price, unless that will take forever.

Also, when should i sell my herbs from MTK? I know that the extra experience weekend is coming up but i'm not sure when would be the best time to sell my items. Thanks

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it will take over a year for the hook to get anywhere near street price (it's only going up a couple hundred thousand every 2 or 3 days). Pirate hooks are only useful to already established merchanters, people who have done multiple high priced trades that have given them a surplus of junk and high street priced items. If you had the hook now it would be useful if you were looking for royal outfit pieces, but that's a rare opportunity. It would only be useful for items that have just recently come out and have the combination of a low ge price and an obnoxious street price.

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