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  1. I wear skinny jeans almost every day lol. My other obsession is shoes I've wasted soooooo much money on them. Nike air force and converses mainly. Theres a shoe shop near my house so its really convenient to buy some
  2. I hate inflation i sold all my items because i was quitting membership a week after the pvp statuettes update and now everything costs 3x as much. Plus the blue halloween mask that i was only a few 100k away from is now 50mil too expensive for me @@. But there is a really good way of earning money; Its called MTK and Farming. Yes i know most people know about it already but i didn't and now i don't even have to go out of my way to earn money because MTK earns me 400k a day at 5 minutes a week, and one ranarr run earns me over 100k in 10 minutes and i spend the rest of my time on Runescape mucking around
  3. I quit members just after the Statuettes update and sold all my armour/weapons... a few months later when i returned my bank value had been reduced to a quarter of its original value. Now my goal of getting a blue h'ween mask isn't 600k away but something like 50,60mil away
  4. sorry but from reading from what i can see your post is the most "negative" one here. i mean wtf, people have to kill themselves because they don't think Runescape classic is worth playing? o.O
  5. Well i just got a wizard robe(g) from treasure trails and i've noticed the price of it keeps on increasing... when should i sell it? 1.5mil is tons for me lol. Also, i noticed that herbs are crashing. I'm already selling my ranarrs but should i keep the other herbs and hope they go back up?
  6. hihihi727

    Skill Capes

    Make fun of me because of my stats? You just made yourself the poster child for the kind of player we are talking about. Well done! You are actually the poster child for being too lazy to get a skill cape. If others make fun of you, and you mind that much, you could always just get another one in a few weeks. And 63 prayer is really BS'y. I could get 1->70 in under 4 hours for [bleep]'s sake. LOL. Since when have people been considered lazy because they are too busy to play computer games 6 hours a day? I guess that makes me REALLY "lazy" considering my prayer level is only 50. Then again I don't really mind because I know how to differentiate work from hobbies.
  7. You obviously don't know... Unless you're super unlucky, you wont ever find a Wikipedia article that has been incorrectly edited for more than a couple minutes. I've tried adding false information with sources cited (credible sources, like my AP Biology textbook), and they ALWAYS get changed back to normal. Only idiot professors don't accept sources from Wikipedia because they think it's a horrible conglomeration of false information edited by little 14-year-olds with no lives. [/rant] Try changing a Wikipedia article (even something entirely random as a 3 paragraph article about a random asteroid orbiting Jupiter) with an appropriate source cited, and it'll get changed no doubt within an hour. If you change something popular (let's say something about a city or science related), your false edit will get changed in a matter of minutes. Wikipedia is perfectly credible, as long as you haven't been fed lies from teachers stating otherwise. Wikipedia is quite credible as far as information on the internet goes, but that doesn't mean that professors who don't accept it as a credible source are idiots. A study showed that the average scientific Wikipedia article has an average of 3 scientific errors which isn't much, but it shouldn't be used as a primary source of research. Contrary to your belief, teachers don't think that its full of false information edited by little 14-year olds with no lives. Instead, its common knowledge that many articles contain errors (albeit small ones). BTW, the "sources" that Wikipedia cites aren't always credible, actually they are often random websites that most people have never heard of. But i admit it is annoying if you quote wikipedia and people go "lol anyone can edit wikipedia thats not true"
  8. Thanks for the tip, but how do you know what the street prices are? I have a white beret and zamorak page, are their street prices the same as their GE price?
  9. Thanks!!!! i got a white beret second try!!!! ^^ And a black helm (h1) + a few purple sweets the first. Thats more than all 4 level 3 clues i've done combined yipee
  10. I have 42 agility, and i was wondering if it was worth getting a pirates hook. If so, how long would it take and when should i sell it? I have hardly any junk and would rather wait for the GE price to reach the street price, unless that will take forever. Also, when should i sell my herbs from MTK? I know that the extra experience weekend is coming up but i'm not sure when would be the best time to sell my items. Thanks
  11. hihihi727


    Basically you talk to strangers except through a webcam. Its quite fun^^ but be careful because sometimes you get really gross people... ew but otherwise its great. http://chatrt.com/
  12. My cousin goes to this school and she says that apparently you are allowed to turn the camera (which can be remotely activated) on if you think that its missing or stolen, and the guy took it home when he wasn't supposed to, so the school reported it missing and turned on the camera and saw him do something bad. The guy has a bad reputation so yeah...
  13. Since when did the bible say that you should kill someone that doesn't convert to your religion? o.O And btw murdering someone and executing someone isn't the same thing; but like someone else said before me, these laws weren't meant for our society, but people living in a desert years and years ago.
  14. Sorry guys from what i've seen so far in this thread, the people who don't want a fire cape compromise sound more whiny and immature than the people who do.
  15. Actually, i've been playing since 2004 (although i quit a few times but still) and a level 3 treasure trails took my THREE HOURS plus i DIED asdggkljlk. Then again that makes sense because everything takes me 3 times longer than everyone else for some reason. Like monkey madness took me 10hours, and getting 33-40 agility took me 5 hours at agility pyramid (although i was afking that), and Jungle Potion took me 4 hours. Yes, jungle potion
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