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Been a while


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Been over a year since I posted something here. Was bored and worked on this for a while.




Horray for my bad skills. Any tips or tutorials I could view to help me improve?

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you made his feet point the right direction even tho ones further back. NICE

the cape is cool, i think its very well done.


the sun is the only awkward spot in the whole thing. maybe have some of the orange spread out horzontally along the cloud.


other than that, its good. nice body positioning



Draw what you see, not what you think-you-see. --Carl Purcell

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Yea, this was one of my first attempts at a background. I normally never started on one because it normally brings the whole piece down, but I was patient enough to finish this one.

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I can't really tell if that's an actual style of drawing you've adapted to, or if it's just some half assed doodle.


Either way, I like it.


Lol, that's pretty much the style I have, and it's not half assed. lol

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