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Summoning tanks and defence pures


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This guide is gonna take awhile to make...


Right now from the start I am not going to kid you, these accounts are VERY hard to make and will take up alot of your time. If you are looking for a quick 1-2 day account to make then have a bit of fun in pvp then this is not for you, go back to your noob mage pures to give us guys more drops :D.

[hide=why should i make a summ tank/def pure] Well apart from looking pretty cool with barrows and a dfs at level 20 they are actually useful in pking! The general idea of a summoning tank is to annoy your oponent by not taking any damage while dealing out heavy damage with your familar, a high level defence pure will try and get them to lower hp with their scary 1s and then hit a 25 for the ko. In my opinion however the best way to see this is with videos/gifs as me just telling you how great my accounts are is a bit boring!




and of course my video ;o



I'm now going to split my guide into two sections - summoning tanks and defence pures, although a summoning tank can become a defence pure in bh just by not taking a pouch.

Check it out, huge amount of effort has gone into this massive mod!


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