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Joining a good GWD team


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I've been working hard to get my character up to levels where GWD teaming would be a good way to make money, and Im a few levels short of my goals.


For a general 3-5 person GWD team, what are the required levels?


I'm shooting for 85 attack/strength and 80 defence, so only 1 more attack level and 5 more strength, but is 84/80/80 enough to slay Graardor effectively?


70 Prayer is obviously needed for blessing graves etc, but would 71 be better for reflect melee?


And I need 4 more summoning levels for a war tort, but is the terrorbird good enough?


Kind of stupid questions, but I am just wondering what some good levels are to have for boss hunting, TY for answering :)

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Guest TrixStar

tbh if you want 3-5 man GWD your melee stats need to be 95+ and for arma range 95+ to be efficient. Can you do it with less? Of course but you will burn through resources faster than the money you make. Terrorbirds in my opinion are not acceptable no lower than a tort.

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Your levels are low for bandos, and you seem to have ignored range so obviously kree is out of the picture.


Meleeing, normal prayers are better til you can use turmoil.


The problem with Graardor is he is always crowded, so low level teams continuously get crashed.


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I agree with Trix. Most gwd reqs are 85+ all combat stats - prayer minimum. And a lot have 88+ summoning as a req.

Unicorn isn't required at all really for Zamorak or Bandos as long as you aren't the tank. You can get by fine with just a bunyip.


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Not the answers I was hoping for :/


Are there any boss monsters I could possibly hunt for a good profit around my levels?



At your level just do Mass Bandos or skills for money. Train slayer with a controlled whip and get all your stats to 85, or do armored zombies.



what i'm doing now:


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Bandos 90+ in all melee with a Godsword

Saradomin 90+ in all melee with full Verac

Armadyl 95+ range, 90+ def. Most teams will want you in good gear (armadyl, V helm, DFS)

Zamorak 95+ in all melee with a Godsword (the reason he's higher is to make the kills faster, since the Tank here takes much more damage then at Bandos)

Just note that these are requirements that the "best" GWD people will want. You can easily mass/find teams with lower stats.



^Golvellius must be so proud^


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It really doenst matter if u get on a team cause with your stats the team will pry be a lower lvld one. Which will have a terrible time finding a world and as soon as you do you'll pry get crashed. Im not trying to sound like a ****, its jsut the truth. Im lvl 126 and i have given up on bandos until i get to lvl 130 just because until you can join lvl 130 teams its a pain. 125+ teams are usually fine and you wont get crashed but its annoying when u do. Then again its because i like 5 man teams so u get a better split so you need the guys on your team to have good stats and gear. If you join some big teams you will pry be ok but then your split is trash and its not even worth the time cause u could make more doing other things.

In other words: We got a ban hammer in varrock mines. It's jackin yo [censor] bots, slappin yo macros up, tryna ban em, so ya'll need to hide yo scripts, hide yo clicks, and hide yo logs cause they bannin errbody up in here.






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