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Deciding what to runecraft.


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I was thinking about starting up with some runecrafting again, and I have a quick question to give you guys.


What runes would you craft when? Before the update, where you would get either one or two nature runes, and either one or two astrals, the choice was pretty easy. But what are the different profit rates at what levels now?

Is astrals worth crafting earlier than before? or would the added nats be worth more than the added astrals.


I know ZMI is the fastest experience. But since I don't mind getting some money, and since I can't be bothered with filling up my bank, I'll go with regular runes.


If someone is so lovely as linking me up to a spreadsheet about levels/runes, I would be really grateful :)

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Why Nature runes(like 280 ea)? I don't know if the prices have changed but during the Xp Bonus weekend I RC'd like 1.5k of Deaths and I sold them in GE for like 385gp ea.


Edit: Via Abyss


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Deaths to 82


Double Astrals to 91


Double Natures to 99


From 70, this makes you 570M profit to 99 with todays prices.



Lol. Just like before then. I was under the impression that it now would be better to start with astrals some time before 82, and natures before 91 (not that 91 rc is very possible atm)

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