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Running Diagonally


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Well.. you guys sound like you are talking about very technical things that I COMPLETELY don't understand. But.. if you wanted to most one square north-east, you have to options. Move the equivalent of one square (diagonally) or move on square north and one square east.. Seems to me, by common sense, that moving diagonally is faster than moving straight north/west/east/south.

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I'd have to ask what you're running diagonally for that you'd need to inquire about the speed?


In general, running diagonally is faster, but if it's a short distance it won't matter, and at most a game tick or two, depending on the distance.



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Yeah it is faster but not as fast as u might think.


Cause say you have an 8cm by 8cm square obv to go round tht non-diagonally is 16cm journey.

But the diagonal of tht kind of shape isn't 8cm, its something like 10 - 12cm.

So moving diagonally is quicker, but it doesnt half the journey as u might expect and in terms of runescape its not really something you have control over, the routing system plans the fastest route for you that it can do around the obstacles etc present.


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