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Extremes and Monster Hunting


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Sorry for my ignorance, but I need to know!


Typical when I'm searching for a Sara GW team, or almost any gw team for that matter, they require extremes.


My question is, why require extremes when brews negate their effect? Should I be bringing a lot of extremes?

Or should I really just be relying on my unicorn for healing, but during the beginning of the trip, I bring yak and rely on brews...


I understand why someone would bring overloads, brews do not effect their boost.


I only just started going monster hunting again so I don't know how people get along with brews/familiar/extremes.



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If your doing trio or quad with 130+ then you shold be rarely taking damage, well the unicorn should cover all damage pretty much. It's possible to survive 4-5 unicorns with a whole invesnt of extremes in a 3-4 130+ cmb team. Just move exactly when you see zil attacking you and you should be fine. Don't bother bringing a yak. If you realllly wany then just bring some food in the yak, don't bother with rest/brews.

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