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Help fixing an epic fail

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Ok, so I'm going to open with how it happened. I'm not the most careful of people, and ended up dropping my laptop a couple times. This is all fine and dandy until two wires come off from the power button. Now it doesn't work. I could still use the beast, but If it turned off/went to sleep, I'd be [bleep]ed six ways from Sunday. Well, that's what happened when I went out last night. Someone in my house unplugged my laptop from the extension cord it was on, and it died.

tl;dr: Laptop [bleep]ed due to 2/3 of the wires in a button

Here are some pictures for reference:

The laptop as viewed when open (Power button is on the right in this view):

The Power Button of my laptop:

This one may be hard to see. It's showing that one of the three wires (the red one) is still connected to the button, while the other two (Beige? and Black) are not.

Can anyone provide any degree of help? Or should I wait and turn it over to professional help?
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If you're comfortable with soldering then you could try to solder them back on, otherwise send it to a shop - it should be a relatively easy fix for them.

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Just be careful you don't void the warranty if you try and solder it back together. If you're confident that you know what to do, it's up to you, I suppose you could do it. If not, just get it repaired properly.
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